Container Ship Saves 30% on Fuel Costs with Industrial Nanotech’s Heat Shield™ Insulation Coating.

Read the case study below to learn how diesel fuel use was reduced by 360 liters per 24 hours from insulating the ship’s HFO system – with payback achieved in only 95 days of sailing.


Nansulate® Heat Shield™ High Heat Temperature Control Coating (TCC) was applied to the tubular system and tanks of the HFO system for insulation and to prevent corrosion under insulation.

The coating reduced the diesel fuel used to heat the HFO system by 30%, reducing the daily diesel fuel use by 360 liters per 24 hours, which equates to more than 7,500 liters of diesel fuel saved during a typical 21 day round trip Asia/US/Asia journey, equivalent to approximately $3,525 USD or more in cost savings.

The project was undertaken on a 3,725 TEU container vessel. The High Heat insulating and anti-corrosion coating was applied to the HFO tanks and tubular system at a coverage of 6-coats, totaling a 200 micron dry film thickness. The cost of application and materials used to insulate the HFO tanks and tubular systems was $16,100 USD. The return on investment was achieved after 95 days of sailing.

Reduction of Carbon Emissions:

If we use the well-to-wheel emissions factor for diesel oil of 2.9kg CO2/liter, that is a savings each 24 hours of sailing of 1,044kg of CO2 emissions.

For a 21 day voyage, that’s a reduction for one vessel of 21,924kg (24 tons) of emissions.

  • Lowered HFO heating costs by 30%
  • Slowed down heat flux from HFO tanks to wing and double-bottom tanks
  • Prevented corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • Cost for product and application was $16,100 USD
  • Payback achieved after just 95 days of sailing
Container Ship Fuel Savings Payback Chart
Daily use of HFO heating related diesel fuel dropped some 360 liters per 24 hours, or $169.20 USD per day. On the typical 21-day round trip journey Asia/US/Asia more than 7,500 liters of diesel was spared, an equivalent of $3,525 USD or more. The application and materials used to insulate the HFO tanks and tubular systems with Nansulate® High Heat cost $16,100 USD. This investment is paid back after 95 days of sailing.
HFO System Temperature Reduction ChartHigh Heat Temperature Control Coating
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“The difference in the performance of our system was substantial, with the INDUSTRIAL NANOTECH insulated system providing slightly less than double the original performance. By speeding up the cooling process we save substantial energy.”
Edward Moore, Edward Moore Design, Inc.
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Eyup Sozdinler, Henateks, A.S.
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