Project Description

Frontier Produce- Insulate Refrigerated Van

Insulate refrigerated van to become more fuel efficient and reduce load on the A/C unit.

Frontier Produce in Tulsa, Oklahoma wanted to reduce the fuel used to cool the back of their delivery van and increase gas mileage of their vehicle. Energy Protect™ was used to insulate the interior walls and ceiling of the van to reduce heat gain and make the vehicle more fuel efficient.

The company also liked the fact that the Syneffex™ Energy Protect™ coating was water-based, low odor, low VOC and provided additional mold/mildew resistance to the van without added weight or taking up any extra space. It gave then an excellent way to insulate refrigerated vans and lower fuel costs.

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Standout Results!

EnergyProtect™(HomeProtect) was chosen to insulate the van, resulting in a reduction in energy costs to cool the refrigerator van. 

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