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Thermal Insulation Coating for Boilers

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How Can You Reduce Boiler & Steam System Energy Costs?

Improving boiler efficiency has a total potential cost savings of $43 million per year. (Reliable Plant)

So, what does that mean for your boiler?

By insulating your boiler or boiler ends with Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating you can improve the efficiency of your boiler by reducing heat loss. Those who’ve done it report energy savings in the 15% to 30% range.

That’s pretty significant!

Our boiler insulation coating is easy to apply with a texture sprayer and can be done while the boiler is running (it’s actually faster that way!), so no interruption of operations needed. Benefits include:

Reduce Heat Loss

  • Lower Energy Costs

  • Reduce Surface to a Safe-to-Touch Temperature

  • Keep Room Cooler by Reducing Radiated Heat

  • Safe, Water-based Product

  • Low Odor, Eco-Friendly

Sustainable, easy, and effective boiler insulation coating.

EPX-H2O Industrial & Boiler Insulation Coating

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(covers about 60 S.F. at a typical 6-coat coverage)

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Large Hospital Saves Energy & Improves Safety

Boiler Insulation with a 94F Temperature Reduction

A large hospital in the U.S. was looking for a way to reduce their building heating costs and insulate their boiler personnel safety. They chose Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O to insulate their large boiler which supplied heat throughout the building. This two-part heavy-duty product has the benefit of a fast cure time and powerful performance.

Six coats were specified for their project And in just two days the boiler surface temperature was lowered from 230F (110C) down to 136F (57.8C), below the save touch temperature range, and their estimated energy savings were 241.06 BTU/h.ft2.

Two problems solved with one easy, affordable solution! 

Bold Results. Real Energy Savings. 

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Best Boiler Insulation That’s Fast to Install. Brilliant!

See How Easy it Is to Apply

Performance That Lasts

  • Customers typically report payback within 6-18 months

  • Fast cure lowers temperature in only a few hours

  • Energy saving boiler insulation that lasts 10+ years

  • Splash resistant to acids, bases, and fuels

  • Easy to apply with a texture sprayer while equipment is in service

  • Earth friendly, sustainable, water-based, low VOC, and non-toxic

As Easy as 1-2-3!

Insulating boilers is quick and easy with Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O Coating. Just mix, spray, and allow to dry. No exterior covering is needed.  Watch this mixing and application video to see how easy it is to insulate boilers and more in a day.

1. Mix

2. Spray

3. Let Dry

It’s that easy!

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