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Thermal Insulation Coatings for Extruders, Ovens, Steam Pipes and More  

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Energy Savings, Employee Safety, Corrosion Prevention, Improved Environment, Lower GHG Emissions

How Can You Reduce Costs for Plastics Manufacturing?

Plastic and rubber manufacturing is one of the industries that is vital to the success of many others. The US plastics industry supplies over $260 billion in finished goods for final use by industries like health services, food services, transportation equipment, and retail (Plastics Industry Association). So when plastics producers incorporate energy saving and sustainable practices, they lower their own carbon footprint and the carbon footprint of multiple other industries.

We’re proud to have provide patented solutions for energy efficiency and corrosion/CUI prevention in plastics manufacturing. We help them insulate their heat process equipment and thus lower their energy consumption and their GHG emissions. Some of the equipment we insulate in the plastics and rubber industries include:

– Extruders
– Batch process ovens
– Curing molds
– Heat exchangers
– Boilers
– Steam and condensate piping

Spray-On Insulation while equipment is hot and operating (up to 400F/204C) for energy efficiency projects that don’t interrupt your production process.

On equipment like curing molds, our spray-on coatings provide an advantage in that they can be applied easily to the exterior and still allow the mold to be opened and closed as needed for the production process. Ovens, steam pipes, and more can be coated while in operation. No downtime needed!

Plastic Glove Manufacturer Aims for Lower Energy Costs

Oven Insulation for Over 40% Energy Savings

A major disposable gloves manufacturer was looking for a better solution for insulating their conveyor drying ovens. They chose Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O. This two-part heavy-duty product has the benefit of a fast cure time and powerful performance.

Two coats were specified for their project since their equipment operated at a lower temperature range. This provided an estimated temperature reduction from 50C (122F) down to 38C (100F), with a calculated expected energy savings of 40.03 BTU/h.ft2.

Their estimated payback was less than 1 year! 

Bold Results. Real Energy Savings. 

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Patented Technology with Superior Design

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Performance You Can Count On

  • Lower process energy costs for plastics manufacturing

  • Reduce carbon footprint of finished goods

  • Customers typically report energy savings of 15%-35% or more

  • Improve worker safety by cooling hot surfaces to a safe touch

  • Prevents corrosion and stops CUI

  • Easy to apply with a texture sprayer while equipment is in service.

  • Maintenance free for a decade or more

  • Sustainable, water-based, and low VOC

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Sustainable Brewing With Insulation Coatings

Looking for Our #1 Heavy Duty Industrial Coating?

Order Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O

A 2-part coating with a grey or white (tintable), pebbled finish that’s fast cure and is abrasion and chemical resistant. This is one tough insulation coating!

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Thin Film Heat Exchanger Insulation

Looking for a Smooth, Thin Film Insulation?

Order Heat Shield™ High Heat

A thinner 1-part coating with a smooth, matte finish. More coats are typically needed than for EPX-H2O, but it will give you a smooth option when you need it. Dries clear over surfaces below 170F and opaque over hotter surfaces.

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