Tank Insulation

Chemical Manufacturer Review | Sulfur Tank Insulation

Sulfur Tank Insulation at Chemical Manufacturing Plant | USA COMPANY TYPE Chemical Manufacturer (Company Confidential) ISSUE: They needed to insulate a large sulfur tank efficiently, while also preventing corrosion/CUI SOLUTION: Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating 8- coat application + 2 coats of Energy Protect™ for UV resistance RESULTS:

City of San Jose, California Waste Water Tank Insulation

City of San Jose, California Waste Water Tank Insulation Expected Energy Savings of 48,899 Therms Problem Looking for insulation and weathering resistance for outdoor concrete waste water digester tanks. Needed a tank insulation that was effective and did not need exterior cladding/covering. Solution The city of San Jose California was looking for a

Fruitland Park, Florida – Biodiesel Refinery Storage Tank Insulation

Fruitland Park, Florida - Biodiesel Refinery Long Term Energy Saving and Corrosion Resistance | Steam Pipe and Fuel Storage Tank Insulation Problem Smart Fuels Florida, LLC needed an effective steam pipe and fuel storage tank insulation that would provide long-term protection of their equipment. Solution Smart Fuels, a leading alternative energy company headquartered in

Dairy Tank Insulation and Energy Savings

UltraSpin, Australia - Dairy Tank Insulation Improved butterfat melting consistency and reduced surface to safe touch. Problem Insulate butterfat melting tank to reduce tank surface temperature to safe to touch and to reduce heat loss. Solution Heat Shield™ Translucent PT was used at a three coat coverage on the exterior of the stainless

Galp Energia Refinery: Insulation & Corrosion/CUI Prevention

Galp Energia, Portugal - Oil & Gas Refinery Insulation and Corrosion/CUI Prevention Syneffex™ coatings provide effective insulation and corrosion control that withstands harsh environment. Problem Galp Energia was looking for an effective way to insulate and prevent corrosion on exterior pipelines and fuel oil storage tanks, and they needed something that would stand up

Coats plc – Textile Manufacturer

Coats plc, Global Project - Textile Manufacturing Heat Shield™ High Heat and Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O helped global textile manufacturer reduce energy consumption more than 10% and carbon emissions by 2% over 38 factories. Problem Coats plc was seeking an effective way to lower energy consumption in their plants globally to lower costs, reduce

Weyerhaeuser – Tank Insulation

Weyerhaeuser, Savannah, GA - Tank Insulation Insulation and protection for exterior tank to reduce heat loss and lower surface temperature. Problem Large paper manufacturer, Weyerhaeuser, was looking for a way to effectively insulate an outdoor liquor tank while also reducing surface temperature and providing protection from corrosion and weathering. Solution Heat Shield™ Translucent

Petrochemical – Corrosion & Insulation

Petrochemical Manufacturer Heat Shield™ High Heat Coating stops evaporation of methanol and protects tanks from corrosion in extreme environment. (Methanol Tank Insulation) Problem A petrochemical facility in the Middle East needed to significantly reduce vaporization of methanol inside storage tanks. Traditional insulation could not be used due to the high humidity in the

Elasteks – Textile Energy Savings

Elateks, Turkey -Textile Energy Savings Elasteks realized a 51% energy savings after coating their dyeing machines with Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O insulation coating. Problem Insulating machines that dye yarns and fabrics can be challenging when dye can be splashed onto the equipment during unloading. Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O provided a solution that allowed the dyeing machines

Sinopec – Oil & Gas Offshore

Sinopec, China-Oil & Gas - Fuel Oil Storage Tank Insulation Heat Shield™ High Heat provides effective insulation and corrosion control that withstands harsh marine environments while protecting from UV rays. Problem Sinopec, the Chinese oil & gas company that is the world’s fifth largest company by revenue, needed an effective insulation that would