Energy Protect™ Buildings Coating

Coverage Rate per Gallon:
450 S.F. @ 1 coat (4 mils/100 microns wet film thickness)
150 S.F. @ 3 coats (typical application)

Actual coverage rate may vary depending on surface texture. All products are sold by weight, not volume.


Patented Technology


For over a decade, Syneffex™ thermal barrier technology has been lowering heating and cooling costs for homes &  buildings in all climates and seasons.

Customers using this patented technology report saving between 20%-40% on their heating and cooling energy costs. As a bonus, Energy Protect™ does more than insulate in a clear thin film, it is also mold, moisture, and UV resistant.

Use on walls (interior or exterior), ceilings, duct work, skylights, attics and more. The coating can be used over nearly any building surface type, including wood, brick, painted walls, drywall, concrete, and stucco.

Application is easy with a paint sprayer, brush, or roller.

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Added Benefits

Mold/Mildew Resistance – UV Resistance – Moisture Resistance

Energy Protect™ clear energy saving paint is safe, water-based, low VOC, and environmentally friendly, which is one of the reasons it has been chosen by museums, large corporations, and homes around the world as a next generation insulation.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Gallon Size

5 Gallon


Clear with a smooth matte finish over most surfaces
Coating will give a frosted look to transparent glass/plexiglass surfaces

Thermal: ISO 8990:1999

34.8% decrease in thermal conduction, 3-coat thickness

Mold Resistance: ASTM D5590 & G21

Passed – Zero or minimal growth

Visible Light Transmission

90%-92% visible light transmission as tested over pane glass (uncoated glass allows about 92%-94% transmission)

UV Resistance: Transmission

80% reduction in UV in spectrophotometer testing

UV Resistance: Aging

Passed 10-year equivalent in UV aging cabinet testing

Flame Spread: ASTM E84

Class A

VOC Content

180 g/L (low VOC)


Water-based, environmentally friendly

Coverage Rate

150 S.F. (14 m2) per gallon at the recommended 3-coat application

3 reviews for Energy Protect™ Buildings Coating

  1. Customer Review Highlights

    “We were excited at the chance to help the animals and the altruistic people who work with them at the Lafayette Animal Shelter; showing off what the Energy Protect coating can do to keep them cooler was an added bonus.”
    -Russo Environmental, Lafayette, LA

  2. Customer Review Highlights

    “A challenge in reusing old masonry buildings is dealing with the energy envelope. Owners and designers love the interior appearance of the old, raw common brick walls. The typical wall is three solid wythes of brick thick, with no cavity for insulation to be injected. Infiltration can be addressed with various coatings, but until recently nothing could be done about thermal transmission.

    Nanotechnology is a field that has shown tremendous promise in the area of materials science. The nanoparticles can be suspended in a low VOC medium and applied much like a paint.”
    – Bleck and Bleck Architects, Libertyville, IL

  3. Customer Review Highlights

    “Sirs, We at Cornwell Tools have been very pleased with the results of using the Energy Protect material as can be seen by the attached emails…

    It’s hard to quantify how much has been saved, but management has indicated over this winter so far we have saved approximately $30,000 in total heating costs. Many factors are involved in this, as other changes were also made (in addition to using the Syneffex coating) such as moving the use of the overhead door in the steel room to the smaller overhead door in the inspection area, and adding a plastic screen at that door. However I believe that a considerable savings has been realized.

    The cost of the (Energy Protect) materials was probably saved in the first cold month.”
    -Cornwell Quality Tools, Mogadore, OH

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