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The patented insulating coating proven to be the easiest and most efficient way to keep data centers and server farms cooler and protected.

Syneffex™ Coatings Stop Server Shutdown & Lower Data Center Temperature by 27%

The Mexican government has a data center in Monterrey, Mexico for their Social Security and Health Administration that houses multiple patient records on the servers. These records are accessed daily by doctors and hospitals throughout the country.

During the hot summer months, their server room was reaching 92.7F (33.7C), which caused the emergency protocol for server shutdown to kick in. And when the servers shut down, doctors could not reach vital patient information.

Our CrystalShield™ clear insulating roof coating, at a 3-coat application, was applied to the roof of the data center. The result was that in a year-over-year independent evaluation, the temperature was reduced by 27%. During the same hot months, the temperature only reached 76.1F (24.5C) after being insulated with our product.

Syneffex™ Amazingly Easy Insulating Solutions to Keep Data Centers and Server Farms Up and Running

Insulate to Keep Servers Cool

Why is it important to avoid data server meltdown? To protect the files they store that can include everything from…

  • Cloud computing applications
  • Top Secret government files
  • Corporate accounting information
  • Personal online shopping details
  • Sales and customer management records
  • Patient and health records
  • … and so much more!

But what happens when the building housing those critical servers gets too hot? Server shut down or data loss can happen.

Syneffex™ Coatings Keep Servers Cool

We’ve seen issues where the AC failed in a data center, causing the servers to become “excellent objects for frying eggs on” which is bad, bad, bad for the data being stored on them. This is why many of these server farms and data centers set high temperature alerts.

A typical high temperature alert for a data center is at 80F-85F (26.7C-29.4C), letting them know the server is near “meltdown-point”. Admins are often directed to shutdown servers when the room they’re residing in reaches 90F-100F (32.2C-37.8C) to protect the hardware and data that is stored on them

Insulating the roof and walls of the building that houses the servers can help significantly. Insulating with Syneffex™ coatings has been proven to be the easiest and most cost effective way to keep these buildings cooler. It’s an easy paint-on solution that can be installed in a day and can produce significant positive results.

Thermal Coatings by Syneffex™ | Insulate Walls, Roofs, Ducts Ceilings Easily. Brilliant!

Syneffex™ thermal insulating coating technology is the top choice for server farms, data centers, and other cloud storage facilities that need to keep their servers from overheating. Nanotech engineered to be easy to use, powerful, and sustainable. Low VOC and no toxic ingredients!

ISO and ASTM standard testing shows that our coatings can reduce heat transfer in a building by approximately 30-35% and our building insulation customers report payback in just 3-5 years. That is one of the shortest payback periods for any energy efficiency technology on the market today! Check it out for yourself.

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Performance You Can Count On

  • Customers typically report payback in 3-5 years

  • Significantly reduces indoor temperatures when it’s hot outside

  • Customers report saving 20%-40% or more on energy costs

  • Insulate the roof or ceiling, walls, ductwork or skylights

  • Easy to apply with a paint sprayer, brush, or roller

  • Earth friendly, sustainable, water-based, low VOC, and non-toxic

  • Clear, smooth matte finish allows building surfaces to remain visible.

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Syneffex™ Award Winning Energy Saving Technology

For over a decade, Syneffex™ has helped companies become more sustainable and meet many of their corporate sustainability goals. We are proud to be the one that corporations around the world come to when they need to solve a critical insulation or surface protection issue. We’ve served the needs of multiple industries globally, including oil and gas, pulp and paper manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, textile manufacturing, commercial and historical building owners and many others. Besides just thermal protection and corrosion prevention, our thermal insulating paint technology also offers several protective benefits such as mold/mildew resistance and UV resistance. 

Here are a few places we can help in critical heat or cold related applications:

  • Data Center Buildings
  • Server Farms
  • Radar Housing
  • Cell Phone Electronics Housing
  • Protective Casings
  • Circuit Boxes
  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Ductwork
  • Skylights/Window
  • Chiller Equipment

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Crystal clear insulating and protective roof coating

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Insulating a roof is easier than ever with a clear coating that also provides mold/mildew, UV, and moisture resistance.

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Platinum Level Fee-Based Selections

You may rent a Dry Film Thickness (DFT) meter to ensure the highest degree of accuracy for your application.
We can provide on-site training for your team. Alternatively, we offer the option to assemble key personnel from various multi-national regions for global rollouts. Once leading company completed a world-wide adoption in 35 factories and 26 countries with in-house personnel in one year. Their bold actions produced bold results! Dream big!
We can provide you with your customized specification, product and the installation with a Professional Contractor. All you need to do is choose your installation date and we will handle the rest.  It’s that simple!

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