Lead Encapsulation

LeadX™ Lead Encapsulation Coatings are the #1 Lead Remediation Solution

For many shopping centers that are being shuttered and repurposed at exponential rates due to the ever encroaching online megastores, and cities (such as Detroit) that are putting the rewards of the economic boom back into city redevelopment of their neighborhoods, lead remediation projects are a necessary building block to the future

What’s the Difference Between a Lead Encapsulating Paint and a Sealant?

When you’re dealing with a surface that has tested positive for lead, it can be confusing knowing how to deal with it. It can also be expensive if you aren’t sure about the differences between lead abatement and lead encapsulation and the difference between a lead encapsulation paint and a sealant. Lead

A Lead Encapsulating Coating to Fit Any Design Need (Clear or Custom Tinted)

Many large commercial lead abatement projects include renovation of an older building into something exciting and new. Some renovators want to keep the specific style or look of an historic brick or wood facade, requiring a clear encapsulation coating. Others are looking to update with distinct project colors and would rather save

Tips for Painting Over Lead Paint | Can You Safely Paint Over Lead Paint?

When you have a lead paint hazard in a home or commercial building, one of the first questions asked is, “Can you paint over lead paint to make it safe?” The short answer is yes, but with a big caveat that it needs to be done right. There are several factors that

Lead Encapsulation for Any Substrate (Wood, Metal, Concrete, Lead Paint, Brick & More)

When large commercial projects are being remediated for lead, there’s often more than just a single surface type to cover. And if contractors aren’t using the right lead encapsulation solution, that means they may have to purchase primers for corrosion or different coatings for different surface types. What they really want is

The Importance of Coverage Rate for Accurate Project Costing

When you’re considering a coating for a project, such as lead abatement or roof insulation and protection, you want to look beyond just the price per gallon. While some coatings may look cheaper at first glance, they can have a lower coverage rate, which means your overall cost is higher per square

Sustainable Lead Abatement for Commercial Facilities

There used to be a time when the US and Canada were the two main countries that had requirements for lead abatement that required remediation of commercial facilities. Any surfaces testing positive for lead are required to be made safe for inhabitants through approved lead remediation methods, one of which is our

Coatings that Protect and Preserve History | Historical Preservation Coatings

LeadX™ is the safe & trusted choice for major lead remediation and rehabilitation projects ranging from historical and commercial renovations to government bases. We happen to have some history buffs on our Syneffex™ team, so you can imagine how happy it makes us when we get the opportunity to work on a

Easy Building Surface Protection with Clear Coat Superstars

Most of our fans know all about the energy efficiency of Syneffex™ technology for equipment and buildings. But these coatings are not only award-winning, they’re  Superstars when it comes to building surface protection. Mold, lead, moisture, and UV all cause serious building issues that mean high maintenance and repair or remediation expense.