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Syneffex™ Skylight Insulation Coating  

Let in the natural light without the consequences of high energy costs or blinding glare. Read on to learn how!

What is the Best Way to Insulate Skylights?

Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into into a building improving the atmosphere. However, they can also invite in heat (or cold), harmful UV rays, and intense glare.

Are your skylights costing you comfort and money? The biggest issue with the introduction of skylights into architecture has been that glass typically is not a good insulator in most cases, so heat transfer happens more readily through skylights than walls or ceiling building materials, additionally issues with condensation and UV can also be challenging.

Some of the issues that skylights and windows experience include:

  1. Heat loss and gain
  2. Glare
  3. Condensation
  4. UV ray penetration

Energy Protect™ thermal insulation coating was created for building walls, ceilings, and roofs, and is also used to solve many of the issues that skylights can experience. This patented technology by Syneffex™ has been in use in industry and buildings for over a decade, and has been adopted by customers specifically to address the needs of windows and skylights, which were not easily addressed in the past. The coating will give glass or plexiglass a “frosted” look which helps with security and to reduce glare.

Energy Protect™ thermal insulation coating solves all these issues by:

  • Reducing heat radiating through the windows/skylights
  • Diffusing the light to prevent harsh glare
  • Blocking about 80% of the damaging UV rays, while allowing 92% of the visible light to come through
  • Insulating to lower energy costs

We’ve Helped:

  • Whole Foods – Skylights
  • Cornwell Quality Tools – Factory Windows
  • Frost Art Museum, Miami – Skylights
  • Tampa Bay Port Authority – Skylights

Coating your skylights and factory windows with Energy Protect™ costs just a fraction of what replacing them with low-e glass costs. Your payback will typically be about 3-5 years, rather than about 25-30 with low-e window/skylight replacement.

That’s an easy decision!

The Frost Art Museum Stops UV Damage to Paintings

Skylight Insulation Triumph

The Frost Art Museum in Miami was designed with beautiful architectural skylights for a daylighting effect, but an unintended consequence was UV rays streaming through the skylights and causing fading to the paintings inside. Energy costs were also a consideration in a climate like Miami where the temperature is hot most of the year.

“Art conservation researchers over the past 40 years have studied the sensitivity of artworks to light. In Weymouth’s designs, a crucial element is using materials and coatings that block out both ultraviolet rays and heat.”

-2008 Article in Florida Trent Magazine about the museum.

The artwork was saved with UV reduced 80%, while still allowing 92% of the visible light! 

Bold Results. Sustainability Simplified™ 

Powerful Performance in Any Climate!

This revolutionary technology has been tested according to independent testing standards, such as the ISO 8990_1999 “Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Performance of Building Assemblies.” and the ASTM C518 for “Thermal Conductivity” over glass at 0 deg. C (32F). The ISO testing This testing showed a 34.8% reduction in heat transmission and the ASTM testing showed a 33% reduction, even at freezing temperatures.

See how Energy Protect™ insulates in all climates and seasons below.

What's the Best Skylight Insulation? Energy Protect™ Coating!
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Patented Technology Designed to be Easy!

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Performance You Can Count On

  • Save energy by increasing thermal resistance

  • Reduces UV rays by approximately 80%

  • Allows through 90 to 92% of the visible light

  • Customers typically report energy savings of 20%-40%

  • Easy to apply with a standard paint sprayer

  • Reduces harsh glare

  • Sustainable, water-based, and low VOC

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Easy to apply with a standard paint sprayer. Gives glass and plexiglass a “frosted” appearance.

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