Hospital Steam Pipe Energy Savings

Southern U.S. – Hospital Steam Pipe Insulation

Exterior Surface Temperature Reduction of 110F (61C)


Insulate steam pipes that are located in the ceiling of a hospital effectively and using as little space as possible


The Heat Shield™ High Heat was used during a 60-day trial for steam pipe insulation at a hospital. The application used an 8-coat coverage, which is approximately 8/1000’ths of an inch thickness and provided a 110F (61C) temperature reduction, lowering the surface temperature from 302F (150C) to 192F (88.9C) degrees. Quite an accomplishment for a thin film coating, but that’s the magic of nanoscience and next generation insulation products. What This Means for the Planet: Great news for the planet is that the projected energy savings and reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are significant. For every 1,000 S.F. of Steam Pipe Surface area Insulated with Heat Shield™ High Heat Coating: – Annual savings of 3,046.20 MMBtu/year – Based on today’s energy dollars, that’s $8,285.66 USD/year savings on liquid natural gas – Reduction of 162 Metric Tons of GHG emissions, according to the U.S. EPA’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions equivalency calculator – Equivalent savings of 376 barrels of oil per year – The equivalent of carbon sequestered by 4,141 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Heat Shield™ High Heat coating reduced exterior surface temperature by 110F (61C) at an 8-coat application, which equates to an annual dollar savings of approximately $8,285.66 per each 1,000 S.F. of steam pipe.
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