El Paso, Texas Residential Case Study

Residential Roof, El Paso, TX – All Season Energy Savings & Protection

Provided Energy Savings for Both Summer and Winter


Insulation for the brutal Texas summers, and protection from the harmful UV rays.


Customer quote:

“Hi Friends!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m thrilled with how much warmer my house is this winter. I live in El Paso, Texas where the summers are brutal, and coated the roof in May with Crystal to cut down the heat. But, I never thought about the difference it would make it the winter. Wow and Wow!!!! I am now truly a believer and will be coating the rest of the house (walls, etc) in the coming months. All good things to you and your loved ones in the coming year.” Deb Benedict El Paso, Texas

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Crystal roof coating provided exceptional savings and a more comfortable home both in the hot summer months and the cold winter months.
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