Soft Drink Manufacturer, Europe – Bottle Washing Machine Insulation

Bottle washing machine insulation coating saved 398.52 MMBTU/year with payback in 13 months, and estimated GHG reduction of 2.1 metric tons/yr.


Save energy on the heat process of a bottle washing machine, and other equipment, where fibrous insulation cannot be used


An innovative soft drink manufacturer was seeking a way to save energy on a bottle washing machine and other heat process components, such as steam pipes, valves, and condensate lines. Due to sensitive areas, in many places in their facility they cannot use fibrous insulation (such as rockwool or fiberglass) due to potential contamination.

They chose Heat Shield™ Translucent GP (now known as Translucent PT) coating for their bottle washing machine insulation, which is rated as safe for use on incidental food contact surfaces.

They used six coats on the exterior of their bottle washing machine, followed by two coats of a food safe, chemical resistant paint (sourced for them by Syneffex™ to withstand the chemicals in their wash-downs).

Comparing the before and after temperatures and calculating energy use, they reduced the energy used to run the bottle washing machine by approximately 398.52 MMBtu/year, which equated to a savings of approximately $3,682 USD in annual energy costs for that machine. Product and shipping costs were $3,814, and the product was applied by an in house maintenance crew. They realized project payback in 13 months.

According to the U.S. EPA ( Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, this was a savings of 21.1 metric tons of GHG emissions/year.

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Heat Shield™ Translucent PT provided an excellent solution for insulation of the bottle washing machine, meeting food environment safety requirements and lowering energy costs significantly, with a payback in just 13 months.

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