Save Energy with Asphalt Tank Insulation

Durable, Chemical Resistant, Moisture Resistant  

Asphalt thermal insulation coating by Syneffex™ is a stand out!
It reduces energy costs, keeps asphalt hot longer, and improves worker safety.

What is the Best Way to Insulate an Asphalt Tank?

Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ coatings are an industry leading thermal insulation used by organizations around the world to increase energy efficiency, keep asphalt at the optimum heat level, and reduce hot surfaces to a safe-to-touch temperature.  This powerful technology for insulation of asphalt storage tanks, tops of asphalt tanks, and transport vessels is moisture resistant and chemical resistant for durable, long-lasting performance. It’s also easily sprayed on to any size or shape of asphalt storage or delivery equipment while it’s operating. No downtime!

The technology also provides world-class corrosion and CUI prevention with an insulation, so you get multiple benefits in a single product, and don’t have to go through long or expensive multi-product application processes.

Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O asphalt thermal insulation coating insulates from 400F (204C) all the way down to safe touch.

Terminals will typically store liquid asphalt at a temperature above 250F (121C) so it doesn’t solidify. For economic reasons, they will usually store it as less than the optimum delivery temperature of 300F to 325F (149C to 163C), to lower energy costs.

It costs less to maintain the temperature of asphalt than it does to increase it.

Because it costs more in energy to heat up asphalt than it does to maintain it at the desired temperature, Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings provide a significant benefit for companies that manufacture, store, and deliver asphalt to the job site. The coating significantly reduces heat loss – keeping the heat inside the asphalt tank, where you want it!

Tank Heat Insulation Saves Manufacturer 30% on Energy Costs

5 month Payback on Tank Insulation Coating

Processes in the textile manufacturing industry have some similarities to those in asphalt storage and transport. Manufacturers have to keep their dye for fabrics and yarns at a specific temperature, just like asphalt needs to be stored at a specific temperature.

A large textile manufacturer in Turkey needed to lower energy costs and find an insulation that was durable enough to stand up to the hot and humid conditions of a dye house. They coated the tanks used for dyeing polyester cotton fabric with Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating to retain more heat inside the equipment.

After using Syneffex™ thermal insulation on their dyeing tanks, they lowered their process energy consumption by 30% and achieved payback on the cost in just 5 months. The product has a 10-year warranty.

Energy costs were reduced by an impressive 30%! 

Bold Results. Real Energy Savings. 

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Patented Asphalt Thermal Insulation with Superior Design

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Performance You Can Count On for Asphalt Storage

  • Save energy by keeping heat inside your asphalt tanks

  • Fast cure means amazing results in just hours

  • Customers typically report energy savings of 15%-35% or more

  • Prevents corrosion and stops CUI

  • Durable & abrasion resistant

  • Splash resistant to acids, bases, and fuels

  • Easy to apply with a texture sprayer while equipment is in service.

  • Sustainable, water-based, and low VOC

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Sustainable Brewing With Insulation Coatings

Looking for Our #1 Heavy Duty Industrial Coating?

Order Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O

A 2-part coating with a grey or white (tintable), pebbled finish that’s fast cure and is abrasion and chemical resistant. This is one tough insulation coating!

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Thin Film Heat Exchanger Insulation

Looking for a Smooth, Thin Film Insulation?

Order Heat Shield™ High Heat

A thinner 1-part coating with a smooth, matte finish. More coats are typically needed than for EPX-H2O, but it will give you a smooth option when you need it. Dries clear over surfaces below 170F and opaque over hotter surfaces.

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