Heat Control for Water Reclamation Pipes

Insulation of Exhaust Pipes in Water Reclamation Facility | City of Cocoa, FL



City of Cocoa, FL, Water Reclamation Facility


They had a problem with exhaust pipes radiating heat and making the environment in the building too hot for personnel.


Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating

7- coat application


  • Reduced surface temperature from 152F (67C) to approximately 100F (38C).
  • Reduced heat radiating into the building, making it cooler for personnel.
  • Lowered surface temperature of pipes to a safe touch level, improving employee safety.
  • Long lasting performance (10 years or more)

The City of Cocoa, Florida’s water reclamation facility came to us with a problem. The exhaust pipes that ran from an industrial blower were radiating heat and making the environment inside the building too hot and very uncomfortable for the workers.

Our Syneffex™ Team recommended a 7 coat application of the Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O heavy-duty thermal insulation coating. The pipes, had an operating temperature of 152F (67C). The coating was spray applied while the pipes were hot and in operation for a faster application.

After application, the surface temperature of the piping was reduced to below 100F (38C).

This accomplished both objectives of reducing the ambient temperature inside the building where the pipes are housed and providing a safe-to-touch temperature for the pipes themselves.

After using Syneffex™ coating technology, the facility manager said that the EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating was “Working perfectly, exactly what we wanted it to do.”

Additional Photos

Additional photos from water reclamation pipe insulation project

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