Residential Attic/Ceilings, Tulsa, OK – Home Energy Savings

Super Home Energy Savings – Over 3 years and still saving an average of over 46% in energy costs


This homeowner was searching for home energy savings. The hot months in Tulsa Oklahoma meant high energy costs for this homeowner, until he found Energy Protect™ insulation coating.


Energy Protect™ was applied via airless sprayer to the underside of the home’s roof deck (underside of roof in attic area, and ceiling of rooms where attic could not be reached) on January 14th and 15th of 2008.

Application was the recommended coverage of three coats (each coat applied at 3-5 mils (72-127 microns) wet film thickness.

Amount Used: 25 gallons of Energy Protect™ coating.

Size of living area: 2772 S.F. (257.53 sq. meters)

RESULTS: Customer achieved a 46% reduction in energy use and increased his home’s thermal efficiency, and reduced his carbon emissions related to energy use.

Customer quote: “The study would be based on the savings of electric useage during the cooling season, which would be April thur Sept. We have the previous owner’s electric bills for the last 2 1/2 years and compared to my KWH useage we did about 40% better. The neat thing about having hard numbers is that I was able to take out the figures for the avg. electric useage during the winter months (gas heat) and come up with the savings for just the AC compressor, which if I did the math right is more like a savings of 57%.”


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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Energy Protect™ lowered the cooling costs for this homeowner consistently, year after year by an average of 46 percent. Making a significant difference in his monthly energy bills.
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