Lead abatement for the Susan B Anthony Voters Block Renovation Project

Susan B. Anthony Voters Block Project, Rochester, NY – Lead Abatement

Approved lead encapsulation for historical building renovation project in Rochester, NY


Architecture and engineering firm, Quad3, was tasked with finding a suitable lead encapsulation coating for a $27 million historical renovation project by Home Leasing in Rochester, New York. The project includes rehabilitation of the Susan B. Anthony Voters Block area, creating 120 new and refurbished homes plus 12 commercial sites.


LeadX™ clear lead encapsulation coating was approved by the New York Historical Preservation office for the project. It offered a safe way to encapsulate the lead contaminated brick for safe occupancy, while also providing an environmentally friendly, low VOC protective coating for the historical building.

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that LeadX™ offered the only clear lead encapsulation coating option that was approved as safe for historical buildings, was effective at encapsulating the lead contamination, and allowed the original brick of the building to remain visible for all to enjoy.
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