Turkish Textile manufacturer - 30% energy savings

Turkish Textile Manufacturer – 30% Energy Savings/5 Months ROI

Reduced process energy consumption between 30%-50% with ROI in 5 months.


Increase energy efficiency in textile manufacturing facility and lower excess heat into the environment for personnel safety.


This case study illustrates the benefits that yet another textile manufacturer (name withheld by request) experienced after using Syneffex Coatings on their dyeing machines.

Application: Heat Shield™ High Heat and Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O

Steam consumption measurements are ongoing on a batch-to-batch basis daily. Steam consumption is measured for the process of a multi-stage polyester cotton fabric dyeing; Fabric amount: 500 kg; Liquor Ratio: 1.5; Process duration: 10 hours.

Total expenditure for Syneffex Insulation Solution: $7500 USD.

ROI, calculated with a 30% energy savings, was 5 months. The anticipated/calculated savings, is minimum 50% energy savings.

Additional savings in electricity and compressed air are also observed due to less usage of pumps and valves, as a result of lessened heat losses.

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O provided a minimum energy savings of 30% for this textile facility with projected long term savings of 50%. The ROI was only 5 months!
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