Learn about the Differences Between Lead Encapsulation Coatings

How Is Syneffex™ Lead Encapsulation Coating Different from Competitors?

Syneffex’s LeadX™ encapsulation coating different significantly from others you’ll find on the market. Key differentiators are that it is CLEAR, allowing the surface to be seen through the encapsulant, it has a better coverage rate and thus less cost per S.F. than other brands, and it has the additional benefits of UV and mold/mildew resistance.

What is the Best Color for Your Project? (Finally… There’s a Clear Available!)

Regulations in the U.S. and other countries require the remediation of lead to avoid human exposure to lead hazards. Encapsulation coatings are an approved method of lead abatement according to the EPA and HUD guidelines.  But not all paints are lead encapsulants! When comparing lead encapsulation coating brands there are several points of consideration, including color and transparency. If you need to abate lead, but keep the look of the surface intact, then you’ll want a product that’s clear.

How Do You Read Between the Lines to Compare the True Cost Per Square Foot?

Another important consideration when comparing product prices is the coverage rate and cost per square foot (S.F.) A less expensive price per gallon, does not mean that the product is the most economical. If you read the fine print, you may see a big variance in the reported coverage and the recommended coverage, with the most favorable being the one that is used for marketing. If you’re not estimating by the recommended coverage rate, you may actually paying a higher overall cost per square foot. LeadX™ is an excellent value as you’ll see in the table below because of it’s excellent coverage rate and additional benefits.

Lead Encapsulation Coating Comparison Chart*

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*For this comparison of popular lead encapsulants on the market, we’ve listed the attributes for five lead encapsulation products. All information was sourced directly from each brands’ website and the manufacturer product technical and data sheets. Pricing was sourced either from the product website directly, or if not listed there, from a designated reseller. Information is believed to be accurate as of 9/20/18, or in the case of LeadClear as of 8/21/19, but no warranty is made as to accuracy as product details can be updated from time to time.

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