LeadX™ Clear Lead Abatement Coating

LeadX™ Clear Sealer for Lead Paint

(Available in Clear, White, or Tintable)

Need to paint over lead paint to make it safe but don’t want to cover up the color? You’ve found the answer!

LeadX™ is a clear lead paint sealer for easy lead abatement. This lead sealer encapsulates lead based paint with a safe, effective clear solution.

LeadX™ has a smooth matte finish and is perfect for contractor lead abatement projects and remediation projects. This product is so safe to use that it has been approved by the New York Historical Preservation Office for use on historic buildings (see case study).

How effective is LeadX™? It has been tested over 100% solid lead and no lead was detected on the surface. That’s pretty effective!

Our lead paint sealer is easy to apply and only requires a 2-coat application. Plus you get additional value-added benefits, such as moisture & mold resistance and UV resistance.

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Seal and Protect with LeadX™ Clear Lead Abatement Coating

Lead Encapsulation | Clear & Smooth Finish | Mold Resistant  

The most reliable and trustworthy long-term solution to lead abatement on the market.

Safe for renovation projects, historical preservation projects, homes, schools and other environmental lead remediation needs.

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Download LeadX™ Lead Abatement Brochure & Data Sheet

Download LeadX™ Clear Lead Abatement Coating Brochure
Lead paint sealer data sheet

Easy Application, No Special Equipment Needed. Brilliant!

LeadX™ clear lead abatement technology is cost effective and provides the best solution for the encapsulation of lead-based paint.

Apply with standard paint sprayer, brush, or roller, no special equipment is needed. It’s also water-based for easy clean up. A contractor’s dream!

Other features include: Low VOC and environmentally friendly, mold resistant, and breathable (perm rating of 5 perms/inch at 23 deg. C) and will not cause moisture build up in buildings. The most attractive lead encapsulating solution. Clearly!

See How Clear Lead-X™ Is

LeadX™ made the perfect lead paint sealer for frames made from reclaimed wood from Hurricane Katrina.

Clear Lead Paint Sealer Used Over Reclaimed Wood

Performance You Can Count On

  • Excellent adhesion properties

  • Dry time between coats is just 1-2 hours

  • Clear, smooth matte finish to allow building surfaces to remain visible

  • Use over multiple surfaces, inside and outside

  • Easy to apply with a paint sprayer, brush, or roller

  • Earth friendly, sustainable, water-based, low VOC, and non-toxic

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