Building Insulation

SooSung Apartment Building Insulation

SooSung Residential High Rise Apartment Building Insulation Looking for an alternate form of insulation for building envelope where application would not disturb current residents. Effective apartment building insulation. The SooSung e-daum high rise apartments needed an effective apartment building insulation that could be applied on the exterior of the building to reduce

Nuclear Facilities Insulation and Lead Abatement

Nuclear Facilities Looking for Insulation and Lead Abatement Nuclear Facilities Looking for Insulation and Lead Abatement Problem Multiple nuclear facility locations around the US were looking for coatings to provide surface protection from mold, lead abatement, and energy saving solutions. Solution Heat Shield™ GP (now PT)- was used by Wolf Creek Nuclear Facility in Kansas

The Vernon Bank Skylight Insulation | Louisiana

New Llano, Louisiana - The Vernon Bank | Skylight Insulation Condensation Reduction of Skylight Problem The Vernon Bank was having an issue with condensation forming on their skylights, causing water to drip down onto the lobby floor. They needed an effective skylight insulation that would still allow through the natural light. Solution EnergyProtect™ coating

Lake County, Illinois – Muller Trading Co – Building Energy Efficiency

Lake County, Illinois - Muller Trading Co Building Energy Efficiency Using LEED Guidelines Problem Muller Trading Co was looking to increase the building energy efficiency of a historical 1800's building, while also keeping the unique brick look of the building intact. Solution Bleck and Bleck Architects were tasked with using LEED guidelines to

Istanbul, Turkey – Apartment Insulation Project

Istanbul, Turkey - Apartment Insulation Project Clear Apartment Insulation for Energy Savings Problem Looking for building envelope insulation that provides thermal resistance and surface protection. Solution This project involves an apartment building from an affluent area of Istanbul, Turkey. For this application the residents were mainly interested in the comfort and protection provided by EnergyProtect™ thermal

Lafayette, Louisiana – Animal Shelter Insulation

Lafayette, Louisiana - Animal Shelter Insulation Animal Shelter Insulation to Reduce Internal Temperatures and Keep Humans and Animals Cooler Problem Needed an easy way to insulate a building to keep temperatures down and keep building cooler for a local animal shelter. Solution Patented Syneffex™ insulation coatings were used by the Lafayette Animal Control Center to

Seoul, South Korea – Hyundai Corporate Housing Insulation

Seoul, South Korea - Hyundai Corporate Housing Condensation Reduction and Mold Resistance Problem Having an issue on lower levels with condensation build up, leading to mold issues which could cause sick building syndrome. Solution These luxury apartments owned by Hyundai had an issue with condensation on the lower levels, and also needed an

Fairbanks, Alaska – Metal Building Insulation

Alaska Warehouse | Metal Building Insulation Metal Building Insulation Need Commercial Metal Building Insulation that would work well in the harsh frigid Alaskan climate. Solution Mr. Sherman applied Energy Protect™ on the interior building envelope of his 1250 S.F. commercial warehouse with 16 foot ceilings. The coating was installed at 3 coats (approx. dry

School – Stay Clean Metal Roof

Florida School - Stay Clean & Energy Efficient Metal Roof Roof stayed clean and free from mold and mildew reducing maintenance costs. Problem This Florida school needed a way to keep their white metal roof clean from mold/mildew to reduce maintenance costs, while also enhancing the energy efficiency to lower cooling costs. Solution

Cornwell Tools – Window Efficiency

Cornwell Quality Tools, Mogadore, OH - Window Energy Efficiency Estimated Project Payback - 4 months. Window thermal insulation made easy. Problem Cornwell Quality Tools needed to improve energy efficiency at their Mogadore, Ohio manufacturing facility. Large factory windows created large 'holes' in their thermal envelope. Solution Energy Protect™ coating was used to insulate