As the temperatures trend warmer and the freeze of winter subsides, there are certain maintenance tasks that help transition a facility into spring.

Whether your facility includes outdoor tanks and piping or building exteriors that have been gathering grime over the colder months, going through a checklist of Spring Preparation Tasks can help ensure your assets have made it safely through the winter and prepare them for a productive season ahead.

Here are some preventative maintenance and transitional tasks that make for an efficient changeover from winter to spring.

Check Outside Equipment & Surfaces for Signs of Rust or Damage

Ice can cause pitting of surfaces or cracks in concrete tanks and structures. Snow and ice also mean lots of moisture that can corrode surfaces. It’s important once the ice thaws to check all exterior equipment and surfaces for signs of any damage or rust that may have happened over the winter months.

If you use fibrous insulation with cladding on exterior tanks and pipes, you may find that it has become saturated with moisture over the winter and needs a full replacement.

After Repairs, Protect Exterior Surfaces

Once you’ve repaired any damage of exterior surfaces and equipment, you’ll want to keep that damage from recurring throughout the year, including next winter, by applying a protective coating or insulation that doesn’t degrade due to moisture.

Syneffex coatings provide an excellent way to both insulate and protect surfaces from moisture saturation, UV damage, and corrosion. Options include:

  • EPX-H2O: Industrial insulation coating for tanks, pipes, and other equipment
  • Energy Protect™: Clear insulating paint for building exteriors
  • CrystalShield™: Clear insulating roof coating for roofs

Test and Condition A/C Units

You don’t want to find out your A/C unit needs servicing on the first hot day of spring. Instead be proactive and have it checked to make sure it’s running properly as well as clean out any dirt and dust that may have gathered over the cold season.

Spruce Up Building Exteriors

When temperatures warm up, you can more easily clean building exteriors and also freshen up any paint.

Spring is a good time for painting and coating roofs with protective paints and coatings. Syneffex offers a 3-in-1 solution: You can improve energy efficiency, protect buildings from weathering and UV, and freshen the paint color all at the same time. (We offer free custom tinting on orders of 25 gallons or more.)

Review Cost-Saving Technologies

Spring is plenty early in the year for any cost-saving measures that you identify and implement to have a significant impact on this year’s bottom line.

Look at things like:

  • LED lighting
  • Smart building systems
  • Insulating/energy saving coatings
  • Upgrading HVAC components/ducts
  • Preventative maintenance programs

Check Out Protective & Energy Saving Coatings!

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