With winter weather in full swing, including major snowstorms in the north and cold temperatures in the south, staying warm is a top priority for everyone.

While many customers… both building and industrial… use our thermal insulation coatings to keep things cooler in the summer, our products are also very effective at reducing heat transfer in the other direction and helping you stay warmer in the winter and reduce heat loss.

We thought we’d take a look at several of our cold weather case studies to share some ideas from Syneffex™ customers who’ve used our coatings to stay warm this time of year.

Fairbanks, Alaska – Heating Bill Reduced 22%

It’s hard to find an environment much colder than Fairbanks, Alaska in the winter. A business owner with a 1250 S.F. metal building used our Energy Protect™ insulation coating to insulate his metal building’s four walls and ceiling and reduced his heating bill by 22%.

Heating Help for 1890’s Home in Detroit

A couple with an older historic home in Detroit found that heating the upstairs was a challenge. They used our Energy Protect coating and wrote about their results,

“We applied the coating in our upstairs unit in hopes of eliminating the need to continually run heat up there throughout the winter months…The product was easy to apply, (we did it ourselves), and the results were almost instantaneous. The upstairs unit retained a more constant temperature and was consistently more comfortable without the need to pump more and more heat and money up there.”

New York Cathedral Ceiling Insulation Solution

An artist in New York did a renovation to his bungalow-style home to expose the cathedral ceiling, which added to the visual appeal and cubic space, but also increased the heat loss.

He used Syneffex coating for a perfect solution and said, “This allowed me to maintain maximum ventilation for the roof with an easier application and also maximizing the beauty of the birch wood grain. I am incredibly impressed with the insulation effects. I witnessed it just last night when we had our first frost here on Long Island and I was able to maintain an inside temperature of 68 degrees with only a small wood stove.”

Pennsylvania Homeowner Lowered Heating Bills 20%

A homeowner in PA had an 80-year old home with no insulation in the walls. She was looking for a way to insulate them without having to go though major construction that involved ripping the walls open.

Energy Protect was an easy application and she shared her results, “I keep a careful spreadsheet of heating expenses and so far, even though this has been a long and cold winter, I have used about 20% less (energy) than last year. Take in to account that I decided to keep the house 2 degrees warmer during the day and 4 degrees warmer at night! So I am quite happy and had a much more comfortable winter.”

You can find these case studies and more here: https://www.syneffex.com/portfolio_category/cold-climate-season/

Looking for “Stay Warm” Solutions?

If you need an easy way to insulate a problem room or an entire home, office, or metal building, Energy Protect™ is an easy way to stay warm while also lowering your heating costs this winter.

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