It’s About Your Family.
Lowering your monthly energy costs isn’t just about home energy savings, it means more money for the things that enrich your family’s life on a daily basis.


When we help people save energy on heating and cooling bills with our patented thermal insulation coatings, they have the ability to use that extra money on vacations, home projects, and so much more. Saving energy is great, but having the means to fulfill dreams is even greater.

It’s easy to spend a little and save a lot with Syneffex™ HomeProtect™. You can buy enough to paint one room at a time, or coat your entire attic or walls. It’s easy, versatile, and powerful.

Did you know that HomeProtect™ insulation coating customers typically report savings of between 20% to 40% on their energy bills? That can mean a lot for your monthly budget.

Syneffex™ HomeProtect™ easy do-it-yourself home insulation coating is applied just like a paint, with a brush, roller or paint sprayer. It’s an easy 3-coat application that dried to a clear matte finish that will not change the color of your walls or ceilings. You can paint it inside or outside. Each gallon covers 150 S.F. at 3-coats. Water-based, low VOC, and environmentally friendly.

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Average Monthly Energy Savings with Syneffex®HomeProtect Insulation Coating

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