While sustainability might not be on your mind when you’re tipping back a cold one at your favorite pub after a long work week, it’s something that has a positive impact for everyone. Saving energy and being more sustainable hits the bottom line of the brewer and can also mean that your favorite micro brewery can produce even more beer per day than they could previously. That’s a huge win-win.

We find that breweries, no matter whether they are a local artisan brewer with one location or a huge multi-national with a well known brand like Corona, care about sustainability and are seeking solutions for making their products with less energy, less maintenance costs for the equipment, and delivering the customer a beer with a much lower carbon footprint.

The Benefit of Nanotechnology Based Thermal Insulation Coatings

A challenge for beer makers, as well as many other types of food and beverage manufacturers, is insulating their kettles, steam or hot water lines, cookers, and ovens without having the insulation contaminate their product. They go through rigorous cleaning procedures that fiberglass or mineral wool just can’t stand up to. Those older insulations get wet, degrade, and cause more issues (with corrosion and replacement) than solutions.

Enter the new generation of insulation. Patented thermal insulation coatings by manufacturer Syneffex™ (www.synavax.com), first came on the scene in 2004, and have been proving themselves successfully around the world ever since. They use a safe nanomaterial encased in a low-VOC water based coating to provide an easy to use insulation that can be sprayed or brushed on to multiple surfaces.

Liquid insulation means, that it not only sticks and stays in place, but it is moisture resistant, prevents corrosion, and is resistant to mold growth as well. So it offers unlimited possibilities for breweries and others to insulate their heat process and brewing equipment safely and effectively so lower energy consumption.

Blue Line Brewery Case Study

Blue Line Brewery Insulates and Increases Production

One microbrewery in New York State, tried the EPX-H2O on one of their brew kettles. They were really excited about the result, which was a 30% increase in daily production because the product was able to come to a boil faster with the nanotech insulation coating.

Brew Master Gillis of Blue Line Brewery explains, “The Boil Kettle insulated  with the Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O product saved energy and was able to boil faster than the uncoated kettle. With the insulated Boil Kettle I can get 85 gallons of wort/beer to a boil in about 45 minutes and keep it there consistently. The non – coated Boil Kettle can only?get approximately 65 gallons to a boil, but it takes close to 2 hours to get it to boil! In other words, the EPX coated kettle can get 20 more gallons of beer to boil in about half of the time compared to the uncoated kettle.
For a small Nano Brewery like Blue Line, this is important as once we get the 2nd Boil Kettle coated with EPX, we are going to be able to produce approximately 40 more gallons (30% increase ) of additional beer in the same amount of time. That 40 gallons of beer represents approximately $400 in wholesale revenue!”

Once we get the 2nd Boil Kettle coated with EPX, we are going to be able to produce approximately 40 more gallons (30% increase ) of additional beer in the same amount of time.

Read the Case Study Here: www.synavax.com/portfolio-items/blue-line-brewery-beverage-manufacturer/

Safe Touch is Important Too

For many brewers, keeping the equipment safe to touch to stop employee burn injuries is just as important as saving energy. This is what a company called Grupo Modelo used the coatings for. You may recognize them from their most well-known brand – Corona. They coated a large steam pipe to both save energy and make the surface cooler.

Read the Case Study Here: www.synavax.com/portfolio-items/grupo-modelo-beverage-manufacturing/


So no matter what type of beer is your favorite, making it more sustainably is a huge plus, both for the makers and the drinkers.

From being able to make more beer per day to decreasing injuries from hot surface burns to just feeling great knowing that the beer you’re enjoying is also planet friendly, nanotechnology coatings like Heat Shield™ are making all these things possible and simplifying sustainability.

The next time you’re at your favorite pub or on the Facebook page of that beer you love, you may just want to let them know about it. They can find out more at www.synavax.com