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Coverage Rate per Gallon:
450 S.F. @ 1 coat (4 mils/100 microns wet film thickness)
225 S.F. @ 2 coats (typical application, non-metal)
150S.F. @ 3 coats (typical application, metal roof)

Actual coverage rate may vary depending on surface texture. All products are sold by weight, not volume.


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For over a decade, Syneffex™ thermal barrier technology has been lowering heating and cooling costs for homes and buildings in all climates and seasons.

CrystalShield™ is an award-winning thermal insulation coating that provides energy saving insulation, UV protection, mold and moisture resistance, it has also been tested to be resistant to the specific type of bacteria that causes the “black mold” streaks on roofs. Keep a cleaner roof without needing roof cleaning solutions every year. Maintain the beauty of your roof simply.

Customers for over a decade report payback from energy savings in 3-5 years. CrystalShield™ has a 10 year worry-free warranty for the best roof cleaning.

USE OVER SLOPED ROOFS: Tile, Wood Shingles, Metal Roofs.

FOR TILE ROOFS: CrystalShield™ can be used over “color through” tiles (have a matte, porous texture) but not slurry or glazed tiles (have a shiny surface).

FOR FLAT ROOFS: Can be used over flat roofs with good drainage.


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Let’s Talk About Simple, Powerful Technology!

Invisible Roof Insulation Technology with Results You Can See. Beautiful!

Energy savings, mold/bacteria resistance, plus a whole lot more! Have your roof cleaned and coated with our award-winning patented protective clear coat sealer to keep it clean for years to come. CrystalShield™, a premium clear energy saving and mold/UV resistant roof protectant is proven to preserve the beauty of your roof, reduce roof cleaning and maintenance costs, and you can be assured that it is earth friendly and safe for your home environment.

Customers report payback from energy savings in 3-5 years for their product and installation costs, based on the current average installed pricing from contractors, and energy prices. These ROI figures do not including the extra savings from the “stay clean” benefits (no pressure washing needed).

Crystal can be used over “color through” tiles that consist of a matte, porous texture; but not slurry or glazed tiles, that have a shiny surface. It can be used over flat roofs with good drainage, and over newer asphalt shingles.

CrystalShield™ roof coating isn’t just a simple reflective coating, it’s much more than that. Reflective coatings only block heat transfer during warm seasons, while in colder seasons reflecting the sun isn’t doing much for your energy efficiency. CrystalShield™  works in a completely unique way, giving you the benefits of low thermal transfer and UV resistance for energy savings in every season and climate to lower both heating and cooling bills. CrystalShield™l roof coating has a 10 year worry-free warranty. ASTM testing shows a 30% reduction in heat loss or gain (ASTM E1530)

Extraordinary UV, moisture and weathering protection coating for asphalt roofs, tile roofs, and more.

An earth friendly, sustainable water-based, low VOC, and non-toxic coating.

Keep Your Roof Clean and Beautiful All Year Long. Save maintenance scheduling time and costs with stay-clean technology that can keep your roof clean from up to 5-10 years depending on your environment.

Many roof coatings use toxic chemicals. You can be assured that  your roof and any run-off or drainage is low VOC.

We Make a Beautiful Difference. One Roof At A Time.

5 star review

“My neighbors actually thought that I had new tiles put on, but in fact coating with Crystal was just a fraction of the cost of re-roofing. There is no more staining due to mold, like my neighbors’ tile, which makes my roof a standout on the block.

My total monthly energy cost is down a minimum of 17% to maximum of 42% year over year!!! I did not expect that much.”

E. Tyler, Niceville, FL

5 star review

“I had my tile roof coated with the Crystal a few months ago and on my most recent utility bill I had almost a fifty-percent reduction, from $1,022 to $604,which was an amazing result! I was so impressed that I just ordered several gallons of Home Protect to begin my interior wall and ceiling coating and I am looking forward to further reductions in my heating and cooling costs.”

Dr B., Beverly Hills, CA

5 star review

“Just wanted to let you know that I’m thrilled with how much warmer my house is this winter. I live in El Paso, Texas where the summers are brutal, and coated the roof in May with the Crystal coating to cut down the heat. But, I never thought about the difference it would make it the winter. Wow and Wow!!!! I am now truly a believer and will be coating the rest of the house (walls, etc) in the coming months.”

D. Benedict, El Paso, TX

5 star review

“The application was put on a Spanish tile roof. Water will not penetrate and the [‘insulation’] properties are just great. The customers say the home is approximately ’10 degrees cooler’. I have looked into other ‘clear roof products’, none compare to the quality and warranties of Crystal.”

B. Monisera, Rhino Roof, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

CrystalShield™ Stay-Clean Clear Roof Insulation Coating for Tile Roofs, Asphalt Shingle Roofs, Wood and More… Beauty & Energy Savings!

CrystalShield™ cool roof coating for tile roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, and other roofs is powered by patented technology that is unique. It is not just a reflective roof coating like most other roof coatings: It is an actual thermal barrier. Like other true insulators, it reduces heat conduction directly and it works both in the summer and the winter to lower energy costs.

CrystalShield™ is naturally hydrophobic which means it acts as a mold-free asphalt roof coating and mold-free tile roof coating to provide a stay-clean roof for up to 10-years or more.

CrystalShield™ is also a clear roof coating and roof protective coating that forms an invisible layer of protection from mold/mildew, moisture, UV damage and weathering for all types of roofs:

  • concrete roof tile
  • asphalt shingles
  • wood roofs
  • composite roof materials
  • metal roofs
  • and more…

The Best Roof Cleaning Alternative

Protect Asphalt Roof

Have you worried about granule loss to get a cleaner shingle roof? Whenever a forceful roof cleaner is used, it can result in wear on the asphalt shingles. CrystalShield™ provides a way to keep your asphalt roof cleaner for 10-years or more. No more need to constantly clean roof shingle stains or clean roof mold. Just clean once, then coat your roof with two coats of CrystalShield™, it not only helps to keep the granules in place during a storm and provide moisture resistance, it helps you keep a cleaner shingle roof that looks beautiful for years.

Protect Tile Roof

When you pay a premium for a tile roof, you don’t want to clean roof mold every year or two and see it damage your investment. CrystalShield™ protects tile roofs and keeps a tile roof cleaner for years. When your HOA requires you to clean mold roof stains or face a fine, using a mold free tile roof coating can mean huge savings and less hassle to deal with every year, because CrystalShield™ has a worry-free 10-year warranty. It’s the best way to protect a tile roof from mold, moisture, and UV damage.

Protect Other Roofs

CrystalShield™ is versatile enough to use instead of a roof cleaner on many other types of roofs. You can use it for clean rubber roof for RV assets, to keep a metal roof cleaner, or to keep a composite or wood roof cleaner. The powerful roof cleaning solutions of CrystalShield™ can be used for virtually any type of roof surface. So you can stop cleaning roofing every year or two and instead coat it with CrystalShield™ to ensure you don’t have to clean roof mold for at least a decade. Beautiful!

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