Unleash The Power of HeatShield™ EPX-H20

A 2-part water based reactive prepolymer
thermal insulation and corrosion prevention coating.  

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Syneffex™ provides the most reliable and trustworthy long-term solution to energy savings and safe-touch protection on the market. 

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We Are Dedicated To Our Customers, Our Amazing Products, And Making The World More Sustainable.

Simply put, we thrive on being a trusted leader in sustainability globally.

Our mission is Sustainability Accelerated™

Many plant and facility managers come to us with a need to upgrade their insulation. Unfortunately, many are still using older forms of insulation (invented in the early 1900’s) which degrades quickly, and causes corrosion and CUI on their pipes, tanks, and other equipment.

That’s why we are here. To tell you there is a better solution and its one that has proven itself in factories around the world for over a decade.

Our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating is designed to provide exceptional thermal insulation performance, without needing replacement for at least 10-years or more. It not only insulates, but also prevents corrosion and CUI, and stands up well to any type of harsh environment.

Sustainability in 4 Simple Steps

This could be a hot steam pipe that needs to be at safe touch, or a processing tank that is costing too much in energy to keep product at your desired temperature.

You may have lots of areas where an insulation upgrade would be great, starting with the most immediate makes the whole process easier.

Use our Specification Request form to tell us a little about your needs. The surface temperature, equipment dimensions, and desired goals for your application. Then we take that, give it to our team of calculation experts, who will provide you with a Sustainable Specification that doesn’t just include the recommendation for the product, but also a Cost/Benefit Analysis Report and Case Studies.

Our report is complimentary and provides you or your company decision makers with all the details you need for a smart decision.

When you’re ready to order, we are there every step of the way. We don’t just leave you to do the application without our guidance. The coating is extremely easy to apply, and we are happy to review the basics of your application with your team or contractor and can also be on standby the day of application for voice or “Facetime” support. All complimentary, of course!
You will save energy, meet corporate KPIs (key performance indicators) for your sustainability goals, and lower your overall carbon footprint. We also do onsite roll-outs to assist your company with multi-facility adoptions. Let Us Help You Today!

Relax! You're saving energy.

Syneffex™ Is  Sustainability Simplified™

Amazings Benefits
Save Energy and Safeguard Employees

  • Incredible energy savings of 15-20% or more reported by actual customers
  • Awesome payback time typically 6-18 months
  • Advanced technology enables 10-year warranty on Heat Shield EPX-H2O
  • Multiple benefits in one coating solution provides increased ROI over long lifespan
  • Passionate Customer Support that provides specifications, documentation, and virtual application attendance to provide you with extreme confidence and total satisfaction
  • We believe not only in making the world more sustainable, but also in having fun along the way. Join us today for an amazing partner in your sustainability pursuits.
  • Easy-To-Apply.

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We have provided sustainable solutions in over 60 countries for over a decade. Once they found us,  they chose us. Let’s See Why? We love our customers and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing products and [fusion_tooltip title=”See The Many Industries That We Serve and That Recommend Syneffex”]outstanding[/fusion_tooltip] after support!

Powerful Products. Bold Plans. Spectacular Results.

“Because of global warming, our duty is to make use of energy as efficiently as possible; wasted energy is wasted national wealth. This is why I highly recommend this technology to all of textile industry and other heat using industries.”

-Eyüp Sözdinl, Henateks A.S. (Manufacturer for Nike and Adidas) 

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