Syneffex™ Coatings for Easy Insulation for the Transportation Industry

  • Better Insulation for the Transportation Industry

Syneffex™ Coatings for Easy Insulation for the Transportation Industry

One industry with unique challenges when it comes to insulation is the transportation industry. They need insulation that can handle a variety of environments, can be used in tight spaces and that won’t add weight to their trucks or ships.

Syneffex™ coatings have been used in refrigerated transport vans, mobile food storage cases, and cargo vessels and cruise ships. Our technology checks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect insulation for transportation needs:

  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t take up space
  • Can get significant temperature reduction at fractions of an inch
  • Water-based, low odor
  • Can handle the vibrations of transport vehicles
  • Easy to install (just paint it on!)
  • Additional benefits… corrosion prevention, mold resistance, hydrophobic/icephobic

Better Marine Industry Insulation

The marine industry is one that is discovering the benefits of a thin film insulation coating in several ship areas, including:

  • Fuel systems
  • Steam pipes
  • Boilers
  • Hot and cold water pipes
  • Cabins
  • Engine rooms
  • Hull ice storage

How We Helped: YangMing Marine used our Heat Shield™ High Heat Coating to insulate their heavy fuel oil system, reducing diesel fuel consumption by 30%.

Better Trucking Industry Insulation

For refrigerated vehicles, Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings reduce fuel costs and keep their trailers cooler without taking up valuable cargo space.

How We Helped: Frontier Produce in Oklahoma was able to reduce the load on their A/C unit by coating their delivery van with our Energy Protect™ coating. The non-toxic, water-based, low VOC coating was perfect for their sustainability needs.

Rail Industry Solutions

The water-repellent nature of our coatings also helps solve unique industry-specific problems, such as the one that Network Rail in the UK was struggling with. They were looking to reduce icicle formation in tunnels that was costing them millions each year in removal costs.

How We Helped: After an extensive, multi-year test, Energy Protect™ coating was found to minimize icicle formation, thus improving safety and reducing costly removal.

Learn More About Syneffex™ Coating Solutions

The versatility of our technology allows it to solve multiple insulation, employee safety, and surface protection issues. If you’re looking for a solution in one of those areas (whether in transportation or another industry), just fill out our Request for Specification and we’ll make our best suggestion to meet your needs.

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