Strategies for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery for Manufacturing

  • Business Continuity for Manufacturers

Strategies for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery for Manufacturing

Business continuity and disaster recovery have become important parts of any organization’s strategic toolkit for ensuring continued operations in the face of unforeseen events. When either a man-made or natural disaster impacts a physical location, having safeguards in place  to keep business going can significantly minimize losses and disruption.

We often hear of business continuity when it comes to offices, but manufacturing facilities have their own unique set of challenges when it comes to keeping a business running after a flood, fire, tornado, hurricane, or other catastrophe.

From physical equipment to the software that runs it, manufacturing business continuity plans have to take into consideration multiple moving parts, not the least of which is how to continue producing their goods when something stops production at their location.

Unplanned downtime can cost businesses between $926 to $17,244 per minute. And that’s for all types of businesses, for manufacturers, the costs can be even higher.

Here are a few strategies manufacturers can use to keep any unexpected downtime costs to a minimum and get back up and running sooner.

Cloud-Based Computing

One of the drivers behind the growing adoption of cloud-based applications is that they’re designed for business continuity. By hosting important applications in “the cloud” your data is protected from any loss should a disaster strike your facility.

Cloud applications like VoIP phone systems, accounting software, and CRM programs can keep your office functions running from any location(s) that has an internet connection.

Insulation Coatings that Protect

In severe weather, outside tanks and piping that are insulated with a fibrous insulation or foam can end up a mess. Costing you not only the cleanup cost but also the cost of replacing all that insulation.

Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings are moisture and weathering resistant and form a bond with the equipment surface, so there’s no wet, bulky insulation to clean up and they also keep surfaces protected from rain and corrosion, helping to ensure asset longevity and a better chance at disaster recovery.

Form Alliances with Other Manufacturers

If you don’t have other locations within your company to transfer critical production, form alliances with other manufacturers that will give you each a backup plan should your plant undergo a disaster (or even prolonged power outage) and you need to temporarily move production.

Alliances like this are a win-win situation and can encourage other strategic coordination that will benefit both your organizations.

Insulate Now with a Weather-Resistant & Protective Solution

Don’t wait until the unexpected strikes. Insulate all your outdoor tanks, pipes, and other equipment with an insulation that will stand up in the face of adversity. Contact us today for a free specification and protect your assets before that next storm.

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