The chemical industry is one were insulating storage tanks can be challenging. Not only do they have to insulate huge surface areas of tanks that are 30’ high (or taller), they also have to worry about corrosion that can put the integrity of the tank in danger.

Insulating with traditional materials (fiberglass wrap with aluminum cladding) not only means the insulation breaks down due to moisture pretty quickly, it also causes corrosion under insulation, which means it has to be removed regularly for corrosion to be remediated… thrown out and redone. While the fiberglass itself might be a low-budget material, the installation certainly isn’t. It can require scaffolding to be erected and expensive labor costs for wrapping the batt insulation around the tank and then screwing an aluminum cover around the entire thing.

Insulating big chemical tanks is a tall order for any facility manager, and it’s one that’s made much easier by using Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating. Not only is installation much easier – just spray it on – a lift can easily be used to move the applicators around the tank rather than needing to put up expensive scaffolding.

When it comes to longevity, consistent high-performance insulation, and the ability to prevent corrosion rather than cause it, the EPX-H2O coating can’t be touched!

One customer that experienced all the benefits mentioned above was a large chemical manufacturer.

Case Study Details

Chemical manufacturer, the project was done in the U.S.

Equipment: Sulfur Tank

Coverage area: Approximately 6,500 S.F.

Exterior tank surface temperature: 290F

Product/coverage: EPX-H2O at 8-coats (+ Energy Protect as a UV resistant top coat)

Total application time: 4 days

Expected energy savings: 15,258 MMBtu per year

Estimated energy dollar savings: $50,500 per year

Estimated savings over the 10-year warranty period: $505,000

Estimated payback: 15 months

When we say “Sustainability Accelerated™,” we mean it! One of the big benefits to the customer was the fast application, which saved them thousands of dollars on installation costs alone.

Syneffex™ wins for the company included:

  • Significant energy savings
  • Better heat retention for the tank
  • Cost efficient and fast application
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • A solution that lasts over a decade with no maintenance needed
  • Insulation that performs and doesn’t degrade

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Stop losing energy and wasting time re-insulating tanks every few years due to corrosion and degradation, Syneffex™ coatings can give you improved performance at a lower overall cost! Get started by requesting a specification below and we’ll take it from there!

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