Many of the companies that use and specify our thermal insulation and corrosion prevention coatings do so because they are clear. It’s a very unique attribute, one that we worked hard to engineer, and one that allows the underlying surface to show through our “invisible” insulation and anti-corrosion product.

But there’s more to using a Syneffex™ clear anti-corrosion coating than just good looks.

In many cases our clear coatings provide a vital benefit; the ability to perform non-destructive inspection and testing methods of pipes, tanks, and other surfaces.

For example, on-stream inspections are performed from the outside of pressure equipment while it is on-stream, using non-destructive examination (NDE) procedures to establish the suitability of the pressure boundary for continued operation. 

You can imagine how the ability to clearly see the metal surface beneath our coating is a major advantage for immediately identifying any potential leaks or other issues.

If you’re using an older type of insulation, like fiberglass or mineral wool, you understand the work and cost involved in taking it off for inspections, and usually needing to completely replace it all due to it degrading from moisture or dirt infiltration.

Let’s face it – older types of insulation are just not meant to stand up to outdoor or factory environments. They also hide the surface and potential deterioration.

Our dedicated team had already climbed hot tanks and spent months in factory environments before designing our technology. It was designed to stand up to the harshest of environments, whether in a hot dye house, a large paper mill, or on an offshore platform.

And we made it not only to reduce energy costs, but maintenance costs as well.

Two Prevalent Non-destructive Testing Methods 

– Visual inspection
– Ultrasonic testing

If you coat our Heat Shield™ High Heat (up to 204C) or Translucent PT (up to 125C) onto a surface that is at 77C (170F) or below during application, it will remain clear over the surface, enabling immediate visual inspections for years. No need to take the coating off, no need to use cladding, no need to remove and then replace insulation.

Did you know you can also do ultrasonic inspection for corrosion right through our coatings? If you’re using an application of 6-coats or less, you can easily read ultrasound instruments right through them. Fast, easy, and cost effective.

Clear anti-corrosion coating

Benefits of Doing Non-destructive Testing for Corrosion

– Minimizes or eliminates production downtime 
– Reduces safety hazards 
– Improves mechanical integrity
– Lowers costs 
– Decreases need for internal inspections
– Allows for more frequent inspection

Our corrosion testing is “off the charts” excellent! And that’s just one of the many benefits that we’ve built into our coatings, besides being clear.

Check out all our stats and independent testing here:

If you’re interested in being able to clear coat your equipment with a superior anti-corrosion and insulation coating, just drop us a line and request a free specification today.