When it comes to transportation applications of Syneffex™ thermal insulation and protective coatings, there are a few key areas where our coatings help the transportation sector ZOOM… more sustainably than ever!

Did you know? Certain NASCAR, V8 Super Car, and Drag Racing teams use our coatings in various areas of their vehicles to control heat and boost horsepower. While we can’t reveal their names, we can share several other transportation related successes that illustrate why our Heat Shield™ nanoengineered coatings are a great choice for sustainable transportation.

Refrigerated Vehicles

Refrigerated vans, trucks, and transport vehicles can save money while keeping their contents cool by insulating the cargo area with our Heat Shield™ Translucent PT (metal) or Energy Protect™(non-metal) coatings. Just 3 coats provides significant reduction of heat transfer without taking up valuable cargo space.

One customer we helped is Frontier Produce in Tulsa, OK. They were looking for a way to reduce the fuel costs for their refrigerated delivery van, especially during the summer months, when temperatures could easy stay in the 90’s.

They coated the interior of their van… walls and ceiling… and enjoyed lower costs and less load on their A/C unit while their customers continued to enjoy their cool, fresh, and delicious fruits and vegetables.

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Cooler Vehicles with More Horsepower

Controlling heat in a vehicle, whether it’s a race car, RV, or your family car, can have more than one benefit.

1. Keeps the heat running smoothly through the engine, boosting efficiency and horsepower.

2. Keeps the driver and passengers cooler and shielded from the engine heat.

Our Heat Shield™ High Heat, which can withstand up to 400F (204C), is great for several types of applications in and around the engine compartment. I’ll let Bob of Autobahn Power tell you more about what he and his customers experience…

“We have been using your products in the automotive industry for years.  In the attached Corvette photo, we removed the entire interior and painted the floorboard and tunnel. Made a big difference in driver comfort. The Mini Cooper: We have painted the sides of the intercooler that were close to the engine and entire air box. On another turbo track car we painted the engine block and all hard pipes with the product plus heat shields were painted. It makes a difference.”   – Bob Harris

Ocean Ships and Vessels

According to TSA, fuel accounts for 60% or more of total voyage operating costs for a typical scheduled container service. Container ships, cruise ships and other oceangoing vessels spend a significant portion of their operating costs on fuel, but it can be easily reduced by simply painting on Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ High Heat marine insulation to fuel oil systems or other areas where you are trying to control heat.

Our coating saved Yang Ming Marine 30% of their diesel fuel costs, which was about $3,525 for a 21 day sailing voyage (about 7,500 liters of fuel). That’s an important cost savings for anyone running a ship.

And imagine being able to insulate crew and passenger cabins with a paint-on insulation that doesn’t add weight or take up space and that equates to lower costs for A/C and increased passenger comfort.

Sustainable Transportation | We Make A Difference… Daily! 

Sustainability in the transportation industry makes sense for a number of reasons, but ultimately the two that people care about the most are cost savings and comfort. And we can help with both!

We’ve just touched on a few of the ways that consumers and leaders in transportation are taking advantage of Syneffex™ nanocoatings for sustainability and costs savings. If you want to learn more, check out our website or just drop us a line with your project questions!