Easy Steps for an Outstanding Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O Demo at Your Company

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Easy Steps for an Outstanding Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O Demo at Your Company

You’ve just discovered a better way to insulate your ovens and miles of steam pipe for energy savings and to prevent CUI,  and now you’ve got to convince “corporate” that Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O is as great as it looks on paper.

This is often a stuck point for many facilities. Their plant management team finds a better way to improve processes, but they’re not the ones allocating the money in the budget. That EPX-H2O specification you received with cost and payback goes a long way towards convincing the right people that the technology is going to be a great fit, but getting approvals for purchases can sometimes take a backseat to other corporate needs.

We’ve found that whenever the savvy plant managers and engineers that we work with hit this stuck point, the old adage “Seeing is Believing!” is the best way past it.

Our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O industrial insulation coating is not only a powerhouse, designed specifically for the durability needs of factories and extreme environments around the globe, but it also has quickly convinced anyone that’s seen it in action of its energy saving and performance benefits.

Our Technical Team is on the ground just about every week showing off the product in demonstrations on boilers, steam pipes, ovens, and just about any hot factory surface you can imagine and they always come back having made a big impression.

Why is EPX-H2O So Easy to Demonstrate?

There are few reasons that make this the best product for quick, easy, and compelling insulation demonstrations:

  • It can be sprayed on while equipment is hot
  • It is sold in a 2 gallon size, perfect for demos
  • You don’t need any expensive equipment
  • If coated on a hot surface, it dries in just a few hours and can show a significant temperature reduction (it will continue to get better as it cures)
  • A coverage as little as 3 coats can give you an impressive measurable temperature difference
  • It’s water-based, so clean up is easy

Step-by-Step Instructions for Demonstrating Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O at Your Facility

1. Contact Syneffex First. Contact us to discuss your application. Depending upon the circumstances, we may be able to send a team at no charge to do the demo for you or if not, we’ll advise you on the number of coats to use and the best equipment/area for the demo.

2. Purchase the EPX-H2O Insulation Coating. Based upon our discussion in step 1, we’ll send you an invoice for the amount of product you need, and if you’d like we can also sell you a texture sprayer or give you a link to purchase it yourself.

3. Gather Your Demo Items. You’ll need:

  • A mixer (attached to a drill) to mix the part A and part B together
  • A drop cloth and/or painter tape to cover any areas like gauges from overspray
  • Texture sprayer
  • Surface contact thermometer (not infrared, which can give false readings on light or reflective surfaces)
  • Place to record before and after temperature readings.

4. Clean Surface & Allow to Dry

5. Measure “Before” Temperature

6. Spray Apply 1st Coat at 10 Mils (254 microns)

7. Allow to Dry to Touch (15 minutes if on hot surface to 2 -4 hours if cool surface)

8. Repeat Steps 6 & 7 for Remaining Coats (recommended in step 1)

9. Once Dry to Touch, Measure “After” Temperature

10. Amaze Everyone with the Results!

Let’s Get Your Demo Started Today!

We can help you showcase the cost-saving benefits of our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating and you’ll be the hero for saving your organization money! Get started by contacting us online or by phone at 720-513-7191.

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