The Facts about Moisture and Insulation You Need to Know

The Facts about Moisture and Insulation You Need to Know

One of the biggest factors that can cause that “R-something” insulation on your pipes or in your attic to lose its insulation value dramatically is moisture.

It’s a well-known drawback of fiberglass or mineral wool insulation – moisture infiltration reduces their insulating value – sometimes completely negating it all together. It can also turn it into a corrosion-causing, mold spore-growing, mess.

98% of insulation system failures are related to moisture (Ludwig Adams – ASHRAE Journal)

We often visit factories that have major insulation problems because their fiberglass with cladding “isn’t insulating like it did when it was new,” and this can come barely a year after initial installation. Managers don’t want to go through a replacement so soon, but they’re dealing with sky-high energy costs and unsafe surfaces that are too hot for their workers, all because of the inevitable moisture infiltration issue.

What Happens to the Thermal Conduction of Insulation When it Gets Wet?

Just a 4% infiltration by volume of moisture into an insulation can reduce its effectiveness by 71%.

According to “Thermal Conductivity of Wet Insulation” published in the ASHRAE Journal:

“The thermal performance of an insulation material is based in part upon the existence of small air pockets within the structure. When these air pockets are replaced with water, the thermal conductivity of the material increases since water transfers heat more readily than air.”

Facts about Moisture and Insulation
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Insulation that Repels Moisture from Syneffex™

Why do so many major corporations around the world replace outdated insulation methods with Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings? One of the key reasons is that they are moisture repellent and do not suffer from moisture penetration problems like fiberglass or mineral wool. All our products are hydrophobic, repelling water while also helping to prevent corrosion.

So, Syneffex™ coatings can get rained on and be used in humid factory environments with no loss of their thermal performance, because moisture simply cannot infiltrate them.

With these patented power-house coatings, you get:

  • Longer performance (10 years or more)
  • Consistent insulating performance throughout the lifespan
  • No wet insulation causing CUI of pipes or tanks
  • No corrosion-causing moisture build-up between the insulation and substrate
  • Lower maintenance and replacement costs

Replace Your Outdated Insulation with Something That Lasts!

Are you interested in better energy efficiency and lower costs in 2019? Syneffex™ technology can help… this year, and for the next decade or more! Contact us today for a project specification and quote.

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