A few weeks ago, we shared a blog about unique and unusual uses that customers have found for our nanoscience based insulation and protective coatings. We had such a great response! People really enjoyed hearing the ingenious solutions that others came up with using Syneffex™ nanocoatings that took them well beyond what we had initially envisioned. Here’s to the forward and creative thinkers! And… here are a few more innovations they’ve come up with to use our coatings for a whole new set of solutions for sustainability and more.

Creative Thinkers’ creative uses of our coating technology that make us smile.

Heat Shield for Tire Bar Code Labels

Syneffex™ Coatings Provide a Heat Shield to Allow Tire Bar Codes to Be Readable

A tire manufacturer in India had an issue with bar codes on their tires becoming unreadable after they went through the tire vulcanization process. The process as at about 200C/400F, and caused yellowing and damage of the bar codes, so much so that they could not be properly scanned.

They applied our Heat Shield™ High Heat coating at 3-coats over the bar code labels. It remained translucent so that the codes could be seen through the coating. With the High Heat coating protecting them, the labels were able to go through the vulcanization heat process without yellowing or damage and were still readable by the scanner.

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Mold resistant coating for marble walls

Syneffex™ Coatings Keep a Sultan’s Palace Beautiful and Mold-Free

The residential palace in the country of Brunei spent quite a lot on cleaning and maintenance costs for the beautiful marble walls. Being in a tropical nation, the palace was subject to mold continually growing on the exterior of the building. Their climate is fairly moderate, so they weren’t as interested in insulation as they were with lowering their cost to continually clean the marble.

Our Energy Protect™ coating went through a rigorous year-long inspection process to ensure the coating would keep the mold from returning. After the coating passed the “year with no mold” test, it was specified into a project and applied to the exterior of the marble palace walls to keep them looking beautiful and clean.

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Syneffex™ Coating Technology is Protecting the First jet Airliner

Several years ago we received a call from the restoration team at the Seattle Museum of Flight. They were restoring the de Havilland (DH) Comet, the world’s first jet airliner. They needed a way to protect the aircraft, which sits outside, from condensation and corrosion, but with a method that would not detract from the aircraft’s historic look.

Our Translucent PT coating was deployed to provide a solution for the protection of the airliner without detracting from the sleek look of the interior forward passenger compartment. Project Manager, Mr. Hood said it best, “When we have completed the entire project, your coating will be an important hidden addition to the first jet Airliner exhibit. The original interior skin finish was a revolutionary (for 1959) epoxy. It seems appropriate that we replace it with a revolutionary coating.”

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Insulation for animal housing

Syneffex™ Coating Technology Keeping Bunnies Cool

It always warms our hearts when we can have a positive impact on animals, and this is one case where we did just that. Our HomeProtect™ coating was used by this Missouri rabbit breeder to help keep the building where the rabbits are housed cooler.

Her husband wrote, “My wife breeds and shows rabbits as a hobby – your product was used to paint the interior of the building where her show rabbits are kept. Rabbits have little tolerance for high heat and keeping them cool during the summer months can be a major challenge. The building was noticeably cooler during the last heat wave which included record high temperatures.”

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We’ll be honest, we can’t solve all the world’s problems, but we definitely can handle some very unique ones dealing with sustainability, energy savings and surface protection.

What unique or unusual use do you have in mind for Syneffex™ coatings?

Just drop us a line, and if there is something we can do to help we will definitely let you know or else do our best to steer you in the right direction.