Learn how just a few coats of an innovative clear nanocoating lowers energy and maintenance costs, protects against UV caused aging of roofs and walls, and can improve curb appeal.

Property owners and individuals investing in a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) know how important curb appeal is to property sale or rental values. When selling a home, this is one of the first things that a real estate agent will discuss with the seller about doing to make their home more attractive, and it’s usually a one time major task. But when it comes to apartments, condos, and other similar communities, keeping the building exterior looking great all the time is important, and is a year round task.

Just as with homes, rental properties and condo communities will get a lot of “drive-by” prospects, who judge the property and whether they want to live there by how clean and well maintained the buildings and grounds appear. Many of these communities have hefty maintenance and cleaning costs because of that, especially in humid areas where mold growth is prevalent and UV damage from the sun’s rays is extensive.

This is an area where nanotechnology has an answer in the form of Syneffex’s™ clear protective coatings for buildings – Crystal roof coating for roofs, and Energy Protect™ clear protective coating for walls.

The technology offers several key benefits to help keep buildings looking clean and beautiful without needing continual cleaning, while also offering energy efficient benefits at the same time.

Moisture/Mold/Fungi Resistant (warrantied for roofs for 10-years) | It keeps roofs and walls clean.

— UV Resistant (in testing, reduced UV rays by 80%) | It protects paint and roofing materials like shingles and tiles and provide a longer asset life and resistance to UV color fade and weathering.

Heat Resistant | It insulates to help keep buildings cooler or warmer to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Reduces Constant Pressure Washing | This eliminates costly repairs for loose or damaged roof tiles and shingles and keeps walls clean, and saves recurring cleaning fees and scheduling costs.

Low VOC, Water-Based, Eco Friendly

Clear Coating | It allows the beauty of the building to shine through and assists in marketing a clean, well-maintained property.

— Easy to Apply | Apply it with a standard paint sprayer, brush, roller.

Crystal Clear Roof Coating

Roofs are one of the first things people see from a distance, and unsightly mold can be a real turn-off for a prospective renter or buyer. Power washing of roofs is expensive, typically in the range of 15-25 cents per S.F. (which can be over $2,000 for a 10,000 S.F. roof), plus there can be unintended damage done to roof tiles or other roof materials whenever it’s being washed. Asphalt shingle roofs are especially challenging to keep clean and continually wash without wearing away the granules.

Crystal roof coating protects all types of roofs – tile, shingle, wood, or metal – and not only keeps them looking clean, but also protects them from weathering and UV/moisture damage over time. The 2-coat application is easily done in a day.

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Energy Protect™ Building Coating

Materials like vinyl siding are especially subject to fading due to UV, and all materials in humid areas can also suffer from mold/mildew growth. Stucco can experience hairline cracks as UV rays degrade it, allowing water to seep in and cause extensive damage. If the building is in a southern climate, it can also get extremely hot, especially on the west wall. If you’re in a northern climate, then the cold of winter can make it difficult to heat a large apartment building.

Energy Protect™ was designed to solve all those types of issues by providing the same superior standard of thermal insulation and combination of protective benefits as the Crystal does. They are both based upon the same patented technology. The 3-coat application for Energy Protect™ is also just as easy to apply.

It also helps to prevent UV damage and fading, cracking, and peeling of paint due to degradation over time.

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Energy Protect™ Building Coating

Syneffex™ coating technology has been the sustainable product of choice for many commercial buildings. Our Bangkok International Airport project was even chosen by the Journal of Architectural Coatings as a Top Green Project Pick!

A few other examples of stay clean and sustainable building projects…

Historic Building LEED Renovation, Illinois, USA – Increased energy efficiency of an 1800’s building being converted to commercial office space. Read More

Hyundai Corporate Housing, South Korea – Solved issue with condensation on walls and ceilings. Read More

School District Roof, Florida, USA – Kept roof clean, lowering maintenance costs and also increased energy efficiency. Read More

Luxury Apartments, Istanbul, Turkey – Insulated apartment buildings and provided UV, mold and moisture resistance. Read More

Residential Shingle Roof, Kansas, USA – Protected asphalt shingle roof from weathering and hail damage and offered energy saving insulation. Read More

Decorative Statues, Amherst, New York – Protected exterior statues from UV caused damage and cracking. Read More

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If you’re a property owner, architect, contractor, or REIT manager, please give us a call or send us an email to see what Syneffex™ can do to provide you with significant savings on maintenance and repair costs and increase your curb appeal for years to come.