How to Insulate and Prevent Corrosion at the Same Time

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How to Insulate and Prevent Corrosion at the Same Time

The issue of Corrosion Under Insulation, also known as CUI, is one that’s plagued industries since they first started insulating hot pipes, tanks and equipment. Companies need to insulate to save energy and keep employees from getting burned, but older forms of insulation, like fiberglass, mineral wool, and wraps, cause corrosion by trapping moisture between the insulation and metal surface.

So, plant and facility managers have been caught in a “darned if they do and darned if they don’t” scenario.

The question of how to insulate AND prevent corrosion instead of causing it is what brought about the invention of our technology over a decade ago. Our CEO/CTO thought insulation should be a benefit, not cause a costly corrosion issue.

That’s why Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings were engineered to prevent corrosion at the same time they insulate, meaning you get two great benefits in a single, easy to apply insulation and no downside.

How Can Insulation Prevent Corrosion?

There are a few key reasons our technology is special and does something no one else can. Here are some of the ways our insulation doubles as an anti-rust coating:

— The technology we use is hydrophobic (water repellent).

— The coating forms a tight bond with the surface that doesn’t allow moisture through.

— We use a unique, patented system that provides very effective thermal insulation at just a fraction of the thickness of older systems.

— Our coatings are built to stand up to the harshest environments without breaking down and do not require exterior jacketing.

Cost Savings from Using an Anti-Corrosion Insulation Coating

The cost savings are multiple and include savings from replacing corroded assets, removing and replacing degraded insulation systems, and lowering ongoing monitoring and maintenance costs.

According to Materials Performance magazine, corrosion costs just for the oil and gas midstream market are $600 million annually, with 60% of those corrosion costs attributed specifically to CUI.

Imagine reducing your corrosion costs by 60% per year! It’s possible just by using the right insulation.

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Case Study: How to Insulate and Prevent Corrosion

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Contact us today to switch over to a better insulation that also stops CUI. Our experts are standing by to help!

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