When you look at your Corporate Sustainability Goals for 2018, do they seem out of reach?

Many of the plant and facility managers that we work with daily have aggressive energy saving goals to meet this year and beyond. And those sustainability goals also usually include metrics for personnel safety, water management, and waste reduction.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a solid and proven energy saving initiative already in place in Q1, so you can focus on other important items the rest of the year?

Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings can help you get a jump start on your sustainability program with an easy solution to save energy and lower hot surface temperatures for personnel safety… right away. And one that provides a reported average 20%+ energy savings and average payback of just 1 year.

What’s possible? Let’s find out from those who’ve saved with Syneffex™ thermal insulation technology!

— 20% average energy savings by Henateks, a manufacturer for Nike & Adidas clothing. Payback achieved in 7 months. Project: Insulated boiler, dyeing machines, steam pipes with Heat Shield™ High Heat coating.

— 30% diesel fuel savings by Yang Ming Marine container vessel. Payback achieved in 95 sailing days. Project: Insulated diesel fuel oil system with Heat Shield™ High Heat coating.

— -88C (-158.4F) steam pipe surface temperature reduction for worker safety at paper manufacturer, reaching safe-to-touch temperature in just 24 hours. Project: Insulated steam pipes with Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating.

— 30% average energy savings from insulating textile dyeing machines. Payback achieved in 5 months. Project: Insulated textile equipment with Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating.

2018 Energy Saving Goals

Bold Plans. Bold Results.

While it may sound “too good to be true” saving that much energy on your heat process equipment like boilers, steam pipes, diesel fuel systems, ovens, and more, it’s very achievable. We know, because Syneffex™ customers have been doing just that for over a decade with our nanotechnology based coatings.

Just check out our videos page to see a few demonstrations of the power of our technology.

Get a full overview that matches our technology with every sustainable category on our Sustainable Series Blog here.

Why not let us help you meet those energy saving and other sustainable goals for the year in Q1 2018?! How great would that feel?!!

Just fill out our Request a Specification Form or drop us a line to get started. Energy savings and Sustainability Simplified™ are just around the corner.