Working on How to Meet Sustainability Goals in 2018? We Can Help!

Working on How to Meet Sustainability Goals in 2018? We Can Help!

Are you working to meet sustainability goals this year for energy savings, personnel safety, waste reduction, and more? If you’re looking for a major boost to help you cross that finish line early, we’ve got just what you need.

One of our most popular set of blogs was an original 8-part Syneffex™ Sustainability Series that highlighted the primary goals of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans and provided tips on how to meet them. We’ve now taken that awesome information and put it into an easy-to-download eBook.

88% of consumers think favorably of companies that implement goals for improving society and the environment. (Forbes)

Companies know that implementing sustainability goals in their organizations not only makes sense as a good steward of the planet, but they also make sense for their bottom line. Saving energy and reducing waste lowers costs and helps the planet… it’s that simple.

So, if you’re a plant or facility manager, that means you’re responsible for company mandates to meet a variety of standard CSR goals, such as:

– Lowering Energy Consumption
– Waste Reduction
– Reducing Water Consumption
– Improving Employee Safety
– Sustainable Materials Sourcing
– Lowering Carbon Emissions

Sustainability Simplified™ is Our Mission

You may have noticed our tagline, Sustainability Simplified™. Innovative technology should make your life easier, not more complicated, and that’s how we designed our multi-purpose, patented thermal insulation and asset protection coatings.

In the Syneffex™ Sustainable Manufacturing Series, we cover several areas of CSR goals and our coatings are versatile enough to be a value added proposition in many of them.

Do you need a hot surface reduced to a safe touch to lower recordable employee injury rates? Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O is powerful enough to reduce a surface of 400F/204C down to a safe touch of 140F/60C. This powerful product is used around the world to insulate furnaces, ovens, tanks, steam pipes, boilers, dyeing machines, and just about any other hot or cold process equipment you can think of.

Are you battling corrosion under insulation (CUI) and the waste it causes when you need to rip off soaked insulation and replace corroded pipes? Just use our Translucent PT coating to insulate and provide superior anti-corrosion protection. Plus, it’s resistant to moisture so it won’t degrade.


We have made it our mission to make the lives of sustainable leaders, in a word, Simple!

How to Meet Sustainability Goals

Are you ready to rock Sustainability like the pro you are? Download our free Syneffex™ Sustainability Series eBook today!

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Questions? Contact us anytime on our website or at 800-858-3176. We’re here to make you a Sustainable Hero. 

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