Protect Your Roof & Make it Energy Efficient with a 5-in-1 Solution

  • Protect Your Roof with CrystalShield

Protect Your Roof & Make it Energy Efficient with a 5-in-1 Solution

Springtime is the perfect time to protect your roof and to consider what your roof costing you each year. How energy efficient is it?  Does it allow heat to come inside in the summer and escape in the winter? Is unsightly mold and mildew an ongoing problem?

Using a single, clear coat product that can solve 5 problems in 1 day can save you or your organization money tomorrow, next year, and a decade from now.

CrystalShield™ Roof Coating by Syneffex™ was designed to do more than just make a building more energy efficient. Why stop at one attribute when you can add four more?! Its unique, patented formulation provides these five key benefits:

  • Energy Savings
  • Keep Building Cooler in Summer (or warmer in Winter)
  • Mold/Mildew Resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Moisture Resistance

Your roof covers your family or business and protects things like expensive manufacturing equipment, computers, R&D laboratories, cherished belongings, and more.

5 Ways to Save with CrystalShield™ Clear Roof Coating

Saving money is a driver for many projects and it’s something our products do well. Our building customers typically report payback on their investment in just 3-5 years. Oh, and did we tell you, the product has a 10-year warranty!

1.  Energy Savings

CrystalShield™ is a true insulator, reducing heat transfer from the outside in the summer and from the inside in the winter. So… you save energy in all seasons and climates by making your building more energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Roof

2.  Keep Building Cooler

One government customer had a big issue with their data center. The servers were overheating due to heat coming in through the roof in the summer. After coating the roof with CrystalShield™, the internal temperature was reduced by 27%.

Keep Building Cooler

3. Mold/Mildew Resistance

How would you like to keep your roof clean for 10 years or more? No more power washing or the cost and inconvenience that comes with it. CrystalShield™ was trialed on the white roof of a Florida school, and over a year later, the surface was still pristine with no mold.

Mold/Mildew Resistance

4. UV Resistance

Harsh UV rays damage all types of roofing materials and it costs money to repair them. UV also causes once vibrant roof colors to fade. In 3rd party testing, our products were proven to reduce UV penetration by 80%.

UV Resistance

5. Moisture Resistance

CrystalShield™ is water repellent, meaning it keeps the underlying surface dry in a rainstorm instead of allowing the moisture to soak through. That means you can say goodbye to corrosion problems or moisture issues, because your roof is protected with a clear hydrophobic shield.

Moisture Resistant

How Do You Protect Your Roof from Sun, Heat, Rain, and Mold?

Just visit the page below to learn more about the amazing CrystalShield™ roof coating or drop us a line anytime for a quote.

CrystalShield™ Roof Coating

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