One of the industrial applications that the Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating was specifically designed for is the insulation of large industrial ovens to solve issues with energy loss and personnel safety without interfering with the oven related processes.

The EPX-H2O coating is rugged enough to be used on the outside or the inside (up to 400F) of large commercial ovens that are designed for powder coating, metals fabrication, extrusion, and more. The coating can also be sprayed on while the oven is hot, immediately bringing down the surface temperature as each layer dries. It makes a perfect oven insulation!

One large manufacturer that insulated their ovens calculated that they would save over 3 million Btus per year in one facility. In addition, they found the application process so easy that they used their own maintenance crew to insulate their ovens, which saved them time and money and allowed them to easily work around production needs.

Case Study Details

Large international manufacture, the project was done at one of their U.S. locations

Equipment: Fabrication oven and extrusion oven

Coverage area (walls and roof): Approximately 8,000 S.F.

Exterior oven surface temperature: 115F

Product/coverage: EPX-H2O at 3-coats

Total application time: 2.5 days

Expected energy savings: 48.08 Btu per hour per S.F.

Estimated savings: $8,700 per year

Estimated savings over the 10-year warranty period: $87,000

The company found that beyond the energy savings, another big benefit was the speed of the application and cost savings by doing the application themselves. Syneffex™ sent one of Technical Team members to show them the ropes and by the middle of the first coat, their crew had it down and was easily working their way through the application smoothly.

Because our technology is able to be sprayed on hot equipment and does not need any covering over it, facility managers can implement energy saving and safety initiatives without disrupting operations.

Syneffex™ wins for the company included:

  • Significant energy savings
  • Exterior temperature reduction
  • Cost efficient and fast application
  • Flexible coating process they could work around production schedules
  • A solution that lasts over a decade with no maintenance needed
  • Insulation that performs and doesn’t degrade

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