When the summer sun hits, metal buildings can heat up fast and make working conditions inside pretty unbearable.

Metal is an excellent conductor of heat, so when the temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, a metal building can easily heat up past the 100 degree mark without proper HVAC. And even with air conditioning, organizations struggle to keep metal buildings cool.

Hot buildings mean dangerous working conditions and can also mean heat damage to interior contents.

Insulating is a must for metal buildings, but drawbacks with fibrous or foam insulation include the flammability and the way it degrades as soon as it gets wet (and stops working!). Another struggle with insulating metal buildings is the desire to keep as much interior space as possible and not have to go through the expense of trying to build secondary walls to contain outdated forms of insulation.

How can you keep your steel and metal buildings cooler?

We work with many customers who need to insulate metal buildings in all seasons, but especially when it’s hot. We help them reduce energy costs, improve the ambient temperature, and solve problems with condensation.

Here are our top three tips for cooler and more comfortable metal buildings.

1) Insulate with a Thermal  Insulating Paint

One way to ensure you can easily insulate the walls and ceilings of a metal building without losing any space or causing any disruption to your operations is to use Heat Shield™ Translucent PT thermal insulating and corrosion prevention coating.

The coating has been tested to reduce heat transfer by 34.8% at a 3-coat coverage and is applied just like a paint. Bonuses of using a thermal insulating paint for your metal building include:

  • Non-flammable
  • Easy 3-coat application by brush, roller, or sprayer
  • Water-based, non-toxic
  • Clear, matte finish
  • Also prevents corrosion
  • Use inside or outside (or both!)
  • Insulates in all seasons

2) Paint the Roof White (& Insulate)

For metal buildings in southern areas that stay warm most of the year, painting the roof of your metal building white will add some additional benefit.

Darker colors naturally absorb heat, while light colors reflect it naturally. Get a boost of extra cooling power by choosing the white version of our CrystalShield™ insulating and protective roof coating to paint your roof.

The coating can also be tinted to a desired color, or comes in clear if you already like the color you have.

In an application on a data center roof in Monterrey, Mexico the coating reduced the internal temperature during the hottest months of the summer by 27%.

3) Use of Exterior Shading

Air temperatures directly under trees can be up to 25 degrees cooler than air temperatures above a nearby blacktop area, and landscape shading can reduce the direct surrounding air by 6 degrees.

By use of exterior landscaping specifically to shade your metal building walls on the side where you’re getting the most sun, you can both make your facility more attractive and get some natural help with temperature and energy bills.

Insulate Your Metal Buildings with Syneffex™ Coatings

Paint today, and feel the difference tomorrow! Just send us the dimensions of your metal building and we’ll get a specification back to you that includes the calculation for coverage area and the amount of insulation coating you need.

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