Insulate Without Giving Up Valuable Space | Thin Film Insulation

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Insulate Without Giving Up Valuable Space | Thin Film Insulation

If you’ve got a refrigerated truck or trailer, every inch of space counts. Insulating the walls and ceiling with something thick means you lose valuable cargo space. The same is true for buildings with solid walls that need to be insulated for energy efficiency and to reduce costs.

Insulating a 4,000 S.F. metal building with a foam or fiberglass insulation could take up approximately 6”-12” of your space along each exterior wall, potentially reducing the usable area of your building by over 3%.

Another tight area where thick insulation is just not possible is onboard ships, where space is at a premium. Insulating hot pipes and equipment with a thick covering, means the headway or walkway space is severely limited.

Insulating metal buildings also poses a challenge with traditional materials, it’s difficult to install them and you lose valuable building square footage.

These are all examples of where Syneffex™ coatings provide the best solution for the combination of excellent thermal insulation in a thin film coating that takes up very little space, just microns, rather than inches.

Insulation Doesn’t Have to Be Thick to Work Well!

The genius of the technology behind Syneffex™ patented thermal insulation coatings is the unique material we use that reduces heat conduction in a very thin layer. Thousands of these heat transfer reducing particles are in each thin layer of our products doing the work of a thicker insulation at just fractions of an inch.

Our clear coatings are applied at just 100 microns (0.0039 inches) per coat and dry to just 19 microns. About the same thickness as a coat of paint. A typical application is between 3 to 6 coats. So, even at 6 coats, you’ve taken up just 0.0044” of space in dry film thickness.

The heavy-duty industrial coating, Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O is a little thicker at 254 microns (0.01”) per coat, but still very thin when compared to inches of older insulating materials. A typical 6 coat application of the coating on a pipe or oven would be just 0.06” (less than one tenth of an inch!)

Any area can benefit from a thinner insulation, but here are a few where it’s particularly useful:

> Solid block walls
> Metal buildings
> Cathedral ceilings
> Ships
> Pleasure boat cabins
> Transport vehicles and trailers
> Shipping containers converted to building space
> Equipment in tight areas (like drying cans)
> Ovens or dyeing machines that open/close often

Looking for Thin Film Insulation?

From pipes and tanks to walls and ceilings, we’ve got the best performing thin film insulation around! Just give us a call at 800-858-3176 or request a free specification online to get your project started.

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