One of the more difficult assets to insulate well are large tanks, such as those that hold fuel oil, process asphalt, or are used in chemical processing and more. The sheer size of the tanks, which can be multiple stories high, means there is a lot of area for heat loss or gain, and trying to insulate the exterior with something that can stand up to the weather is ineffective .

Older types of insulation, like fiberglass and  mineral wool, have to be wrapped around the tank and then held in place with an exterior covering, typically aluminum. This is a time-consuming and expensive process and just a little moisture infiltration into any part of the covering… which is definitely going to happen on outdoor tank farms… destroys the insulating benefit AND causes corrosion under insulation (CUI), which is a multi-billion dollar problem.

The best answer? A spray-on insulation solution that is moisture and weather resistant!

Heat Shield™ Thermal Insulation Coatings by Syneffex™

An economical and long-lasting solution for insulation of large tanks are the Heat Shield™ family of high-performance thermal insulation and corrosion prevention coatings. They allow a large tank to simply be sprayed with the insulation, and no covering is required… so that whole laborious process of affixing a second skin around the tank insulation isn’t needed.

Benefits of these large tank insulation coatings include:

  • Long-lasting insulating performance
  • Resistant to rain and moisture infiltration
  • Prevent corrosion and CUI
  • Can be sprayed on while tank is in service and warm/hot
  • Splash resistant to chemicals
  • Easy to apply – It’s just like painting!

A few of our recent tank projects with the Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating include:

  • Sulfur Tank
  • Asphalt Tank
  • Deaeration Tank

Other tanks insulated with our Heat Shield™ High Heat and Translucent PT coatings include:

  • Fuel oil storage tanks (onshore & offshore)
  • Methanol tanks
  • Black liquor tanks
  • Digester tanks
  • Biodiesel tanks

Protect Your Tanks Today!

Do you have tanks that are suffering from poor or no insulation? Save money and protect your assets by coating them with Syneffex™ insulation and protective coatings. Just send us your tank dimensions, operating surface temperature, and your goals for the application and we’ll send you a custom specification and quote back right away.

You don’t have to accept bad insulation any longer! Use Syneffex™ coatings to save energy, prevent corrosion, maintain tank temperature, and more!

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