A common question we receive from home and building owners is how can they insulate their exposed beam ceilings, walls or architectural accents made with natural wood without losing the beauty. Whether someone has a cathedral ceiling with all natural wood grain, wood beams running throughout their restaurant, or is looking for log cabin insulation and moisture protection, we are happy to tell them it can be done…and pretty easily as well.

The problem that most people face when looking for insulation solutions for wood construction is that they tend to run across older methods that cover up wood either with a fibrous insulation, foam, panel or board. Those methods can help them save energy, but at a great cost. Not only do you lose the beauty of the wood, often these methods can cost a lot, are labor/construction intensive, and result in loss of livable area inside the structure, not to mention potential moisture issues down the road.

Syneffex™ insulation coating technology is the answer that these wood buffs (lovers) have been looking for. Our coatings are easy to apply with a standard paint sprayer, they provide an effective thermal barrier in any type of weather, and are clear with a matte finish, so the beauty of the wood is retained while making the home or building more energy efficient.


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One customer who came to us for exposed ceiling insulation several years back is an artist in New York. He had a bungalow style house that he had recently remodeled and opened up the ceiling to reveal the the beautiful wood cathedral style beneath. This wasn’t very energy efficient, but he loved the wide open look and the natural wood aesthetics. So he was ecstatic when he found us and our HomeProtect™ clear insulation coating solution that simply needed to be painted onto the underside of his ceiling – This helped him keep the beauty, the open air style, and stop his energy bills from going through the roof!


Wooden Cabin Workshop Solutions

Another customer from the UK had built a beautiful full wooden cabin as a workshop. As you can imagine, energy efficiency especially during the cold winter months was an issue. He didn’t want to lose any of the prized square foot area for working on his model trains, but needed a way to keep warm and stop all of the heat loss. He was thrilled when he found that our HomeProtect™ insulation coating offered him the perfect solution, actually giving his wood walls and ceiling a very nice matte finish look that was completely clear. As a bonus the coating also provided moisture and mold resistance to keep the wood looking beautiful for years to come.

and…he ended up going from needing two space heaters to keep his workshop warm to just one!


Your Most Wood- Related Questions About Syneffex™ Thermal Insulation Coatings

Some popular  questions people have when considering our patented products for insulating wood ceilings or walls are:

Q: Will this work as a good log cabin insulation?

A: Yes, our coatings can be used over log cabins and are moisture resistant, yet breathable, so they don’t cause entrapment of moisture.

Q: How do I apply it?

A: Our coatings are very easy to apply with a standard paint sprayer (low pressure), brush or roller.

Q. How many coats do I use?

A: Our standard “sweet spot” for cost/benefit is three coats. Each coat is applied at 4 mils (100 microns) in thickness, which is very similar to a typical coat of paint.  You will want to make sure that the coats are thin enough that they are clear and not too thick that they look milky as they are being applied.  If the coats are applied too thickly, you could have issues with adhesion or hairline cracking in the paint film due to excess moisture.

Q: How much do I need per square foot?

A: Each gallon of either HomeProtect (residential) or Energy Protect (commercial) covers 150 square feet (14 square meters) for the recommended 3-coat application.

Q: What type of insulating ability will I receive?

A: The coatings have been tested by an accredited independent laboratory to a globally recognized standard for thermal performance of building assemblies and in this test (ISO 8990:1999) they were shown to reduce heat transfer by 34.8% as tested over 8 centimeter cement wall sections with plaster at a 3-coat application.

Customers for over a decade typically report saving between 20% to 40% on both heating and cooling costs.

Q: Where do I order?

A: You can order online at one of the following pages:

HomeProtect™ – Residential

Energy Protect™ – Commercial

Or by phone anytime at 800-858-3176 or +1 303-223-1307


At Syneffex™, we know that the beauty of architecture matters. That’s why we make leading edge insulation technologies that respect the beauty of the places you live and work every day.

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