Boilers are at the heart of nearly every major heat process. We’ve seen a lot of them and are proud to be a leader in using 21st century technology to increase boiler efficiency and safety for both manufacturers and large building owners around the world.

While older boilers tend to need insulation more for efficiency, our coatings are also often used on the end caps of newer boilers, as well as surrounding steam pipes for an efficient system that exemplifies our motto of Sustainability Simplified™.

Whether you’re manufacturing pet food, paper products, or anything else, or running a university or hospital, your boiler is what provides the steam heat to power your production processes and keep the occupants of your building warm in winter. That means that ensuring your boiler is as energy efficient as possible will save you a significant amount of money. Insulation can also help ensure safety compliance by reducing burn injuries.

Every day, our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O is being sprayed onto boilers and their accompanying steam lines all around the globe. People use it because it is the best, easiest, and most long-lasting insulation for boilers and associated steam components.

Our patented insulation coatings helps customers achieve three main objectives:

– Lower energy costs
– Reduce surface to a safe touch level for safety
– Reduce the amount of heat the boiler radiates into the surrounding area

Why Insulation Is So Important… and Often the Best Efficiency Choice?

According to Natural Resources Canada, an audit of a boiler system may reveal that the insulation of the boiler and its piping system is inadequate, in need of repair, or missing altogether.

Example: If only 10 flanges are not insulated on a 10-cm (4-in. diameter) pipe carrying steam at 860 kPa (125 psig), the annual heat loss is equivalent to 2450 m3 of natural gas.

Example: A 3-m (10-ft.) length of uninsulated 10-cm (4-in.) steam pipe wastes more than twice as much money in steam costs per year than the cost of insulating it.

Boiler Case Studies

Henateks Case Study

One of our textile manufacturing customers did a side-by-side energy efficiency study several years ago. They studied the energy efficiency provided by attaching a boiler economizer and the energy efficiency provided by insulating their boiler and attached steam pipes with Syneffex™ coatings.

Guess who won?

We’re proud to say that Syneffex™ coating technology saved them more than twice the amount of energy as the boiler economizer.

Our coatings saved them annually 1,097,447 cubic meters of liquid natural gas (LNG), which was about $460,161.90 USD in 2008. The economizer equipment saved them 463,617 cubic meters of LNG, less than half that amount.

Download the case study here:

What Do We Mean by Sustainability Simplified™?

Sustainability and energy efficiency should be affordable, effective, and easy. That’s how we designed our technology.

Your boiler should be cool to touch within a day of applying our coatings!

Your application is so easy, it can be done by your in-house maintenance crew, if desired. It’s an easy spray-on application with a texture sprayer (which only costs about $100 at your local hardware store)

See short application video below.

Your application is sustainable in a number of ways:

– Saves you energy costs
– Reduces your carbon footprint
– Increases worker safety
– Reduces waste (10-year warranty)
– Stands up to extremely humid environments
– Keeps working for you day in and day out, without needing maintenance

So, are you ready to get that boiler insulated and more energy efficient? Just drop us a line and we’ll get a personalized specification and a quote back to you in no time, showing you how we can save you money… fast.