Did you know that an IOP report about fuel losses in storage tanks estimates that more than 50 percent of operational losses in the chemical and petroleum industry are due to evaporative losses? That’s a big cost, much of which can be avoided by proper thermal insulation.

In a paper by OnePetro related to “Evaporation Losses from Petroleum Products” they note two major issues for companies storing and transporting these types of chemicals and fuels:

1. Evaporation results in the loss of a definite volume of product that might otherwise be sold in the market.

2. Evaporation can decrease the quality of the remaining product due to the fact that valuable light fractions are usually what evaporate first.

The bottom line is, if you have a chemical or fuel that can evaporate while in storage if it gets too hot, then often the right insulation can lower your operational costs significantly.

Syneffex™ Coatings Stop Methanol Tank Evaporation | Case Study

We know a thing or two about this because we’ve solved this issue for companies before. Here’s an example.

A petrochemical facility in the Middle East needed to significantly reduce evaporation of methanol inside storage tanks set in a hot environment and they found a solution with Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ High Heat coating.

During the warmest months, the ambient temperature in the region was as high as 55C (131F). When methanol reaches temperatures in excess of  33C (91F), it begins to evaporate.

Traditional fibrous insulation with cladding wasn’t suitable due to the high humidity in the region. Secondarily, they also wanted to prevent corrosion of the tanks, which mineral wool had caused.

Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ High Heat insulation coating was used at 3 coats on the exterior of the tanks. The coating provided the petrochemical facility with an effective thin film solution which was highly durable and effective in the demanding environment. It stopped the evaporation of the methanol and offered long-term protection from corrosion.

The Ultimate Tank Insulation For Any Issue

One great thing about our coatings is that they insulate like any other true insulation; by reducing direct heat conduction. Our advanced, patented technology is uniquely able to do that in a much thinner, hydrophobic, and durable product than older technologies.

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