Simple Pipe Insulation for Any Temperature

  • Pipe Insulation for Any Temperature

Simple Pipe Insulation for Any Temperature

Have you ever had issues with finding long-lasting pipe insulation that won’t degrade or cause corrosion? Do you wish you could use one easy solution for steam pipes, chilled pipes, and subzero pipes instead of having to search by temperature?

Searching for separate insulation materials for hot or cold piping can be time consuming and you’re still facing issues with corrosion under insulation (CUI) and short lifespan with many older insulation materials (fiberglass, mineral wool, foam wraps).

We often help plant and facility managers solve these challenges with a patented solution that not only provides superior insulation, but that does it for a decade or more with no maintenance needed.

Corrosion Resistant Pipe Insulation for Any Temperature

Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings for pipes and equipment can be used at any temperature from -40F/-40C up to 400F/204C. This spray-on technology solves multiple issues faced daily by facilities of all types.

Employee Safety: Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O can easily reduce a surface as hot as 400F/204C down to a safe-to-touch range of 140F/60C.

Condensation: Putting fibrous insulation on a chilled water pipe is like wrapping it with a paper towel, the moisture will soak in, ruin the insulation and cause corrosion. Our coatings repel moisture, so they won’t degrade or become saturated.

Energy Savings: Whether your pipes are carrying hot or cold contents, you’re using energy to keep them at the right temperature. Insulating with Syneffex™ coatings can help them stay at the proper temperature with less energy cost.

Fits Elbows & Bends: Pipes often have elbows and bends that aren’t easily insulated with a wrap material. Our spray-on technology easily fits any pipe bend and ensures you don’t have any “holes” or “leaks” in your thermal envelope.

Check Out These Syneffex™ Pipe Insulation Case Studies!

Steam Pipe Insulation Coating with Thermal Imaging Video
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Offshore Oil Pipe Insulation & CUI Resistant Coating

Need Some Great Pipe Insulation?

If you’ve been looking around your facility noticing that your pipe insulation needs an update, contact us and we’ll get you a better solution that’s going to last longer and prevent corrosion.

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