Make Products More Sustainably with Nano Coatings

Make Products More Sustainably with Nano Coatings

We enjoy working with manufacturers of all types of products around the globe that make everything from soft drinks to blue jeans to asphalt for roads. It feels great to help them save energy and thus reduce the carbon footprint of the products they’re creating.

Today, we’re going to zero in on three specific manufacturing industries: Those that make chemicals, asphalt, and plastics.

Heat processes are used in each of these industries to make different types of products. Companies that insulate their equipment like boilers, steam pipes, reactor vessels, extruders, and tanks with Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ thermal insulation coatings report saving between 10% to 35% or more on energy costs and achieving payback in just 6-18 months on average.

Reducing Manufacturing Energy Consumption Means More Sustainable Products

Chemicals are key materials for producing an extensive array of consumer goods and are also crucial materials in creating essential resources to numerous other industries. The chemical industries are the second largest user of energy in the manufacturing sector, accounting for about 29 percent of the total energy consumed in the manufacturing sector. (U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)).

Plastics manufacturing also expends a great deal of energy while producing thousands of different products. According to the EIA, electricity makes up a significant portion of this industry’s energy consumption as it’s used in heating, cooling, and processes like compression and injection molding, and thermoforming.

When it comes to asphalt manufacturing, a large part of their process energy use is for drying and heating the aggregates and the production of bitumen.  Mixing is generally performed with the aggregate at about 300F (149C) for virgin asphalt or 200F (93C) for asphalt cement. Paving and compaction must be performed while the asphalt is hot, which makes insulating those asphalt mixers important.

Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings provide solutions for all three industries, giving them excellent insulation options up to 400F (204C) that can be easily spray applied while equipment is operating, meaning zero downtime!

See a Chemical Manufacturing Energy Savings Case Study

Sustainable Solutions for Sustainable Products

Would you like to make your products more sustainably by lowering your process energy consumption? Give us a call or contact us online to see how we can lower your carbon footprint this year.

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