Quick Heat and Energy Saving Fixes with EPX-H2O Coating

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Quick Heat and Energy Saving Fixes with EPX-H2O Coating

When you’ve got problems because of hot equipment and/or energy saving mandates, it seems difficult to find a simple solution that lasts. Older types of insulation, like mineral wool or fiberglass, degrade quickly in factory or outdoor environments and cause corrosion and other issues that you don’t need or want.  

Fortunately, there is a solution: 21st century nanotechnology based Syneffex™ coatings that can give you that long dreamed about quick and easy solution for multiple issues.

Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O – Quick & Effective Results

When we brought out a new super-charged version of our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O a couple of years ago, even we were stunned at the immediate reaction people had. From safety managers that could easily wrap their hand around a pipe that had been running over 300F, just hours after application, to facility managers that lowered their energy costs significantly and immediately as evidenced by the first energy bill after the coating was applied to their equipment. 

How can EPX-H2O give you a quick fix? Here’s a few ideas from happy EPX customers:

Boiler Insulation

Whether your boiler is old or new, most likely it’s generating a lot of heat from the end caps. Spraying on EPX-H2O, easily done in a day, even when the boiler is running, can save energy, lower the surface to a safe-to-touch range, and reduce the heat radiating into the boiler room.

EPX-H2O as Boiler Insulation

Steam Pipe Insulation

Do you have older insulation hanging off of steam pipes and causing corrosion? Safety issues with employees getting burned from getting too close after the old insulation fails?

Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O has a 10-year warranty and it not only lowers maintenance costs, it also prevents corrosion and CUI while providing superior insulation.

EPX-H2O as Steam Pipe Insulation

Exterior Tanks & Equipment Insulation

It’s not easy to keep older types of insulation in good condition on large tanks or other types of outdoor equipment. Rain and other weathering degrades it quickly making it basically useless. Many factories have large outdoor tanks and equipment that aren’t insulated because of this, and it’s just wasting energy.

EPX-H2O, with an overcoat of our clear High Heat coating for UV resistance, is an easy answer. It’s one tough insulation that will keep doing the job for years with consistent performance.

EPX-H2O as Tank Insulation

Try EPX-H2O Today for Quick & Easy Solutions

Want to see how easy it is to insulate with EPX-H2O coating? Watch this step-by-step video: 

You can buy EPX-H2O in a Premiere Kit, which includes 2 gallons and a texture sprayer for application, or buy it by the gallon at the button below.

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