Easy Condensation and Moisture Mitigation Solutions

Easy Condensation and Moisture Mitigation Solutions

Condensation is an issue that causes major problems for multiple industries. Water dripping from overhead ducts, pipes, or skylights or freezing on exterior surfaces, like windmill blades, costs time and money. Buildings can also have major mold issues when condensation collects on walls and ceilings.

Moisture mitigation is one area where Syneffex™ coatings can help. Because of the unique hydrophobic (water repelling) nature of the key nanotechnology based component in our products, they provide easy fixes for several moisture related issues.

Condensation Control

When your surface is lower than the dew point temperature, which is based upon temperature and humidity, it starts to get condensation. If you have an area with a 60F dew point, a pipe with cool water inside at 45F will start to sweat because it’s 15 degrees below the dew point.

For applications that are about 18-20 degrees F below the dew point temperature, Syneffex™ coatings can provide an excellent solution to stop the condensation. For larger differentials, they can help to lessen the sweating and will also protect the underlying surface from moisture and related corrosion and mold.

The Vernon Bank in Louisiana was thrilled to have a solution for the aluminum framed skylight which was dripping condensation onto their customers’ heads. After spraying a few coats of Syneffex™ coating over it, their problem was solved.

Condensation Solution

Ice Reduction

When you have a surface that’s hydrophobic, it can also help reduce ice formation by reducing the ability of moisture to collect and freeze on a surface. That’s just what our coatings did for Network Rail on railway tunnels to reduce dangerous icicle formation in the winter.

Icephobic Solution

Surface Protection from Mold/Corrosion

Condensation collecting on a surface can cause corrosion and/or mold growth. Our coatings provide a protective barrier to keep metal surfaces from rusting due to moisture and also keep walls, ceilings, and ductwork from harboring mold growth.

Hyundai in South Korea used our Energy Protect™ product to coat the walls and ceilings of their stairwells to stop the mold and condensation.

Mold Solution

Multiple Moisture Issues Solved with a Single Sustainable Solution

Are moisture issues causing headaches in your facility? Just drop us a line and we’ll provide a recommendation for which of our awesome products can get the job done and make your life easier.

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